Spain: Workshop “Happy Marriage”

Prepared by FFWPU Spain

On March 9th, we held in a Civic Center in the town of Zaragoza a workshop under the title: “Happy marriages”. Manuel Campillo coming from Madrid gave two lectures and a total of 17 people participated. Twelve of them participated for the first time.

In general, the lectures was very inspiring and even after the lecture was over most of participants remained there talking and wanting to know more about us. It’s also true that all of them were very grateful for having taken part of this event and interested to follow up with more lectures.

The atmosphere was very nice and suitable to celebrate with Holy Wine according to our tradition; with woman first drinking half of the cup y after gave the other half to their spouses. All couple pledge according to the blessing vows y after we did the prayer of blessing for all couples in assistance.

We are very grateful for the collaboration and participation of brothers and sisters from Zaragoza and from Madrid. We own this victory thanks to them and the unity between them.

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