Spain: Easter HARP Workshop


By Stefan Campillo Fette, FFWPU Spain

We held a workshop from April 13 to 19, 2019, in Manantial del Corazón, Spain, with the theme “God does not receive answers with words”. The last workshop dealt with the issue of responsibility, in this we wanted to emphasize that responsibility is not only something theoretical, but also something practical, responsibility means action. For that reason, the conferences were focused on this point. Armando Lozano gave talks about the True Father and the True Mother, maximum examples of responsibility taken to action.

Mario Magaz spoke about the figure of Jesus in the Divine Principle. The Second Generation is not very connected with the figure of Jesus unlike the First Generation. That is why the Committee wanted them to learn more about this important figure. Our sister Marcia de Abreu spoke about the work of the Women’s Federation. The participants found their talk very interesting and novel since they confessed, they had not heard much about this organization. Lady Luisa Lozano gave a talk and some emotional engineering dynamics also emphasized on the issue of responsibility. The staff gave the rest of the talks.

The activities were always balanced; there were moments for fun and moments for reflection and to get to know each other better. We had the traditional activity of sharing between brothers and sisters.

In this activity we separated into 3 groups: girls, young boys (12-15 years old) and older boys (+16). In each group the staff was able to help and guide the participants at the same time that they could ask and share freely. In the activity of “Circles and Shields” the participants practiced their social skills of empathy and commitment.

In the first part of the activity they gave fictitious stories about students with real problems in the institute and among the whole team they had to seek advice and solutions for these stories. In the second part, participants had 15 minutes to draw a shield on a sheet with a personal motto. The shield was separated into sections and had to represent important moments of his life in these sections. Then they shared in teams everything they had written and drawn. It was a very emotional activity that united them a lot and made them mature.

Another activity that he liked very much was “Knowing ourselves” where the staff separated the participants in pairs. We gave them 7 different types of questions, each with 6 minutes. In each question the physical position was different: in the first one was face to face, the second one from the back, from shoulder to shoulder, separated by 3 meters, one of them watching the mobile all the time, etc. It helped people to know each other better and to learn the importance of speaking and listening properly.

The good weather accompanied us practically the whole course so that in sports and outdoor activities the participants had a better time. The challenge day was beautiful. On this day we had raised a simpler format: a long walk where they would do about 4 simple tests but with a very clear message. They were very happy at the end of the day and very inspired. One of the best moments was at the beginning. A small section of the walk passed at the beginning near the road, and we saw that the cars were throwing trash into the countryside through the window.

Our sister Daniela Aguirre had the great idea of giving a bag of garbage to the teams to collect the cans and bottles that had taken advantage of that shortly after they passed through a residential area with recycling containers. On the day of the challenge one of the staff mistakenly gave 3 bags instead of 1 to each team, blessed mistake since the 3 team finished with 3 bags full, even two teams managed to get a couple more bags during the way to clean more. It was sad to see how little people can take care of the environment, but also very nice to see the teams motivated and happy to be able to clean the roads.

In this course we were less than in the winter course, but you can always take advantage of all the situations. In this workshop, the atmosphere was one of the best we had, the participants were very close, and there was a lot of harmony.

I want to finish this report by thanking God and the True Parents for everything they do for us, to the Committee that without them this would not have been possible, and the participants could have come and created a magical atmosphere. A hug for everyone.

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