Spain: CheonBo Workshop


By Maryvonne Jamois, FFWPU Spain

Rev. In Pyo Moon Chair of CheonBo Europe Branch arrived on Sunday March 17th from Turkey and Rev. Tibor Krebsz also arrived same day for a preparatory visit before our CheonBo event on April 6 and 7th.

It has been full and intense days, receiving guidance and love from Heavenly Parent and True Parents through him. Meeting members in Madrid, answering questions, visiting the venue on Monday, our Tongil Company, and also our training center where the chanyang team will practice the week before, visiting Barcelona community on Tuesday.

On Wednesday after going to the Holy Ground in Retiro Park we had a meeting with the staff for the event.

Through Rev. In Pyo Moon, I could feel so much love from our True Parents who really want to embrace all their children. When we prayed together tears were coming down so quickly feeling Heavenly Parent´s pain looking at this world and at the same time feeling how unworthy I am and repenting for our mistakes and shortcomings.

We are so grateful for the inspiration and we can really feel True Mother´s love coming to us.



After the preparatory visit, we had a few days before Rev. Moon and his team come back to prepare Chanyang team. It has been two weeks of intense work to prepare everything and to mobilize our families, and answer their questions about the event, about liberation and blessing ancestors …

On Friday 4th of April we could use the hall in the hotel and prepare the venue, the prayer room and the rooms to welcome CheonBo team and chanyang team.

The day finally comes, our brothers and sisters from Portugal arrived in the morning before the opening of the program, also from Andorra, Barcelona, they drove from 3 in the morning to arrive. Finally, everybody arrived on time and we could begin our event.

We can only say Thank You for this great opportunity we had to receive this event in Madrid Spain. So many brothers and sisters don´t have the possibility to go to Korea and it has been a great chance for them to experience Heavenly Parent´s love and True Parents love. Amazingly we could feel the spirit of Cheongpyeong here in this place. Thanks to Rev. In Pyo Moon and Tibor and Mateo for their absolute dedication, love and hard work, without almost eating, and sleeping, showing us the way and guiding us to feel your love and your desire to create this one family under God. We could build strong bond of hearts because of your love and because of True Parents ´sacrifice to totally transform this world. I could really feel that it is really possible to realize this impossible dream, a world of love and joy Cheon Il Guk on earth, and become true sons and daughters who can resemble our Heavenly Parent.

I think this will help us to create more unity between our members and I am sure that for our young people, it will make a great difference in their life.

Many brothers and sisters expressed that they feel liberated and grateful.

The lectures we received are very deep and we need to listen again and study it. We have been also honored to receive Dr Michael and Fumiko Balcomb, and the deep guidance from Rev. Giuseppe Cali, our leader from South Region of Europe. We will not forget those days of CheonBo event, and we will work hard to fulfill our responsibility of heavenly Tribal Messiah in this nation. In the name of all our brothers and sisters here in Spain, thank you so much True Mother. Kamsahamnida.

Sunhwa Marchan – Testimony – MC with her husband (2G)

During the Ancestors liberation ceremony, my family and I had an interesting experience. We were in the last part of the ceremony, praying to our ancestors and asking for protection the four of us. At one point of my prayer, I was very moved because I felt very strong the presence of my grandparents, four of them were young, shining and happy, and I could see how joyful they were welcoming me; it was such hopeful feeling that one day we will meet all of us, and I started crying. Afterwards, I raised my head and I could see my husband’s eyes full of tears and I knew he was feeling his grandparents next

to him too. But what impressed me the most is to see my eleven-year-old daughter crying deeply moved. Later on, she shared to us that she felt her great grandma (she passed away 5 years ago) close to her and very happy to share this moment with us, that experience for our daughter was very strong and she didn’t know how to express it with words. How amazing and spiritual moment we had together as a blessed center family!… Thank you, True Mother, for letting us have this opportunity.


David Pique (Sunhwa´s husband – MC)

This past CheonBo event has been a reconnection with our ancestors. We have lived priceless moments that will remain in the memory of our family forever. Without doubt, the moments of prayer have been tremendously special. As a family we do many activities together, but to this day, we did not sit down together, pray together and share tears of devotion for our ancestors. It has been something unprecedented that has marked and risen us. Being able to collaborate and make this event possible, getting to know the leaders of the movements more in depth, has been inspiring. From now on, we will bear in mind spiritual world that surrounds us, and we will try to honor them with determination

Haeng Oon Barje Barrios (Valencia. Spain 2G). During the Chanyang session of 6 April, I turn back and saw the older brothers helping the members to take out the bad spirits, together with them was a White Head, I could not see so clear who was. In this moment I did not have my glasses, and not see so well. Today in the session of Chanyang of 7 April, I saw like a spirit person that was moving all around the venue. I am grateful to share this experience with you.


Miguel Calvis (Junior – 2G)

Being able to go to CheonBo within 5mn walking distance from my home is something priceless and that I will never forget. When I first heard that CheonBo was coming to my city I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew it was going to be great, but I could never have imagined that it would replicate soperfectly well what I had experienced previously at the CheonBo Training Center in Korea. Every time I closed my eyes at the prayer room or during the lectures and the Chanyang sessions it was as if I was right there besides Cheonpyeong lake. I couldn’t believe that I was experiencing that sense of inner joy and forgiveness just 5mn away from home. If CheonBo is coming soon to a place near you don’t hesitate anymore and sign up right now. I guarantee that your body, your mind and heart, your family and your community will deeply thank you for going there.

Sergio Vieira (Portugal)

Dear and beloved True Mother, my words will never be enough to describe my heart of thanks for the weekend of April 6 and 7, 2019 when I had the opportunity and the grace to participate in the glorious European Cheonbo event in Madrid, Spain, and feel in fact the very substantial experience of the Cheonpyeong sphere in that place.

Through this event, with overwhelming experiences, I had another absolute confirmation that True Parents’ hearts are of an unconditional Love for all Physical and Spiritual Mankind and also especially for the Blessed Families of the whole world.

We had again the demonstration of the grace of Forgiveness, Love and Unity of our Heavenly Parent`s revealed through your maternal and unconditional heart of absolute Goodness, Beauty and Truth, in this event in which as True Parents, you have enabled us to make the liberation and Blessing of our Ancestors, but also the liberation and cleansing of many of the evil and resentful spirits in ourselves.

Dearest Divine Mother, Substantial Holy Spirit and Only-begotten Daughter of Heavenly Parent, thank you so much for allowing us once again, even though we often fail with our mistakes and failures, to receive again your grace of Forgiveness, Freedom and Complete Liberation from our records of evil and the granting of Heavenly Fortune by the grace of the Wish Papers.

We believe that this enables us now to be able to present ourselves as more cleaner and more dignified, giving us also better conditions to continue our work in providential responsibilities/missions, certainly now in a more active, confident and fast way, before Heavenly Parent`s and before You, during this so crucial providential year, with far fewer accusations from the evil sphere, which have been hurting your hearts.

Dear True Mother, through your wise words, of complete Wisdom, Intelligence, Emotion and Divine Will, in a testimony with total authority, in the recent incredible event in LA, with religious leaders and more than 10,000 Christians, we have realized that this is indeed the time, the year of complete change, and that it is time for us to have no further fear or doubt in bearing witness to you at all times and to every kind of person.

That is why we wish you much Health, Long Life and we tell you dear Mother of the Universe, to be with immense Joy and tremendous Happiness in your heart and be completely confident and hopeful in us Members and Blessed Families, for we will fulfill our responsibilities in this age of Automatic Providence, so to at least be a little more worthy of so many sacrifices that you and our dear and beloved True Father, our supreme and unique True Parents, have done to bring us back to life, and in this historical conquest for the first time, of our substantial rebirth after this long providential path since the fall.

Many thanks to Pres. Michael and Fumiko Balcomb, Rev. Giuseppe and Elisabeta Cali, Rev. In Pyo Moon, Tibor, Mateo, the whole Chanyang team and the whole leadership and our Spanish, Portuguese and Andorra brothers and sisters, who with a heart of complete dedication and unconditional devotion have contributed to this resounding success of the European CB event in Madrid, Spain, 2019. Aju.

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