South Africa: Workshop For Group Leaders And Supervisors Of IYA

By Jean Augustin Ghomsi, FFWPU Africa

On April 6, 2019, 40 couples attended a workshop for the training of group leaders and supervisors of Inkululeko Yesizwe (Freedom of the Nation) Association (IYA) and the Revelation Church of God, both founded by Dr. Prophet Samuel B Radebe, in preparation for the Pre-Blessings leading to the June 8, 2019 National Blessing.

Bishop November Mbele, Secretary General of IYA and MC for the occasion, opened the program by inviting one of the Bishops present to give the invocation. He then introduced the program. He said we are gathered here because on June 8, 2019, we have important events coming at the Orlando Stadium in Soweto. He said these events are the celebration of the First Anniversary of the, the celebration of two prominent prophets who led the Zionist movement in South Africa and also the Blessing of 40,000 couples. “Mother Moon is expected to bring more blessings to our nation on that day,” he said. “You have been chosen to help in the preparations of the Blessing event by IYA and the Revelation Church of God (RCG). That’s why you are here to be trained so that you can help to bring the Blessing movement to your churches and communities and all corners of South Africa. I hope that you will pay great attention during the program and those of you who are not yet blessed need to be blessed in order to fulfill your mission.”

Bishop Mbele invited the President of the RCG, Rev. Sibisi, to give the welcoming remarks. He thanked everyone for coming from IYA as well as the RCG, on behalf of Dr. Prophet Samuel B Radebe, the founder and leader of RCG. He conveyed a clear message to the couples and told them that the purpose of today’s program is to give them the Blessing so that they, as Supervisors can share and give the Blessing to their congregations. He said, “We are very happy to be here today because we appreciate our collaboration with UPF and what its founder is doing in South Africa and around the world to save families.” He welcomed everyone at the African Centre for Excellence (ACE), an Academy founder by RCG and the HQ of the RCG. “We respect our founder and happy to know that he is also well respected by the UPF. Kindly join me in giving a round of applause to UPF and all its executives,” he said. Further, “We look forward to fill up the stadium on June 8. We wish you all a wonderful workshop!”

Bishop Mbele talked about the ideals of UPF and expressed his gratitude for the initiative to empower the family, society and nation. He also expressed his hope in UPF, that through its programs, we can have a great and positive impact especially in today’s world, which is in crisis.

The MC then introduced Rev. Jean Augustin Ghomsi, UPF/FFWPU Africa Director for Education, who gave a presentation on the history, meaning and significance of the Blessing. Rev. Ghomsi first introduced the founders of UPF and FFWPU, Father and Mother Moon, as the True Parents who have come to put an end to all the suffering and pain brought by the first family, that of Adam and Eve. He spoke of the mission of FFWPU and UPF to alleviate God’s anguish and sorrow as he sees today’s world.

He described with statistics the problems our nations and the world at large, and how all these problems are traced back to the family. Finally he talked about and emphasized the meaning of the Blessing and how it comes as an answer to all of the world’s problems. Father and Mother Moon, since 1960 have been step by step solving the problems of this world through the Marriage Blessing and contributing to building a world of peace. He showed how the Blessing can put an end to all the corruptions, immorality and family breakdown.

The audience had a positive feedback towards the lecture and there was good give and receive action. They were especially touched by the fact that Rev. Ghomsi told them that they were the products of history and that their ancestors did a great deal for God and God’s providence for them to be partaking in this Blessing at this time.

After the lecture, they watched the power of True Love as well as a testimony for Rev. Mark Abernathy. Already as a pre-program, they had watched the Cape Town Blessing and the promotional video about the “Peace Starts with Me” and Blessing event in Gardena, Los Angeles scheduled today for 11:00 PM South African’s time.

During the lunch break, Prophet Radebe and his wife had a meeting with the members of the RCG. He instructed them on how to roll out the Blessing program. At the lunch table, Prophet shared how while he was in Mozambique on his way to Durban, when he got called by True Mother, he felt compelled to go to Cape Town first.

After lunch, we went straight for the Blessing Ceremony. 33 couples took part in the Blessing as the other seven were already blessed. Rev. & Mrs. Ghomsi officiated at Holy Juice Ceremony and Prophet Radebe and his wife officiated at the Blessing Ceremony assisted by Rev. and Mrs. Leballo. For the Benediction Prayer, True Mother’s prayer in Cape Town last November was used.

A congratulatory song was offered by Mrs. Katrina Ghomsi. She sang You Raise Me Up. Prophet gave the congratulatory message and wished all the couples well. Rev. Ernest Leballo led everyone in four cheers of Eog Mansei.

The Blessing ended with the Indemnity stick ceremony. Education was given to the couples concerning the meaning of the Indemnity stick ceremony and also the importance of the 40-Day separation period. It was beautiful to see the couples embrace each at the end of the ceremony. They then fill out the 40-Day Separation forms. They were all happy to start their separation period as brothers and sisters.

After the Group photo, the group leaders and supervisors were educated on how to conduct the Blessing Ceremony with the Holy Candies and the Blessing materials, including the MC Script and Blessing registration forms were made available to the offices of IYA and RCG.

All the couples were very delighted with the whole program and happy to start their new life. Prophet Radebe sent a message through Bishop Mbele, expressing his satisfaction that all went very well. Bishop Mbele said, “This was well done. Now, the ball is in our court.”

There is a general fervor to accomplish the national Blessing in South Africa. We can count on the Revelation Church and IYA to fulfill the promise Prophet Radebe made to True Mother.

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  1. Simphiwe Jilingisi says:

    As I have read those messages I am a full member for this church and I understand the message as we have our choosen Prophet who opened our eyes in order to know the western Christianity was not our religion so it was not suit us as Africans thank you very much indeed for our restoration.

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