Slovenia: Heavenly Surprise at the Concert


By Erna Košmrlj, UPF Slovenia

On 24th of March we were invited for the concert, celebrating the 15th anniversary of a folk music choir “Taščice” (Robins – the name of a small singing bird).

We know them already quite a few years, since they were first singing on our program. The original members of the choir that time became Ambassadors for peace. Until now always we were inviting them to sing, but this year they invited us to be part of their concert. We used this opportunity to bring special present, the Blessing to them and to the audience. They trusted us that much, that we said we will prepare a “surprise” and they accept it without knowing the details.

On this way during the program we could shortly introduce UPF and its values and made a “toast” with Holy Wine for good families and family values. Around 200 people received the pre-Blessing. Among the audience were also the town mayor, the priest and many representatives of the local organizations. Three new members of the choir received certificate of Ambassador for peace and they were very happy and moved.

We are grateful that through this event Heavenly Parent and True Parents could give good surprise for all these people and made their celebration more heavenly. It was the common effort of WFWP – UPF – FFWPU to offer this event front of Heaven. Thank you very much for all the members who helped to become true.

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