Senegal: Green and Clean Project

Prepared by YSP Senegal

On the 02nd of April 2019 we began our first activity in partnership with the Coordination Unit of Solid Trash Management locally known as UCG and TV channels such as ‘‘Dentale TV’’ and ‘‘Lac Rose TV’’ in Tivaouane Peulh. Generally, the goal was to sensitize the population about cleanliness. However, our specific object was to gather youngsters to share with them the Unification’s Principles. Therefore, we divided the day in two parts: a big clean up event in the morning, followed by a character education program and ending with the closing ceremony after a sensitization rally.

The clean-up event went well with the participation of about 90 youngsters from all over Dakar including many from the Tivaouane Peulh youth associations, a Yeumbeul youth association, the humanitarian association of the SupdeCo Management University and the Cheikh Anta Diop University youth. Showing strength in unity, they all strived together to achieve great results in the work at hand.

Following that, lunch was served at the Training Center. After that, a character education lecture was given by Mr. Kouame Dieudonné, the Africa Headquarters Youth Responsible, on ‘‘Universal Principles and Life’s Goal’’. Linking the external morning activity to the internal principled education of the afternoon, he explained that everything should be done centered on God and True Love for the accomplishment of the 3 Great Blessings.

Next up was the 20 to 30 minutes sensitization rally on the main road in which was explained the reason of the march and morning activity to the population on Tivaouane Peulh, starting with a group picture.

To end the day, we had closing ceremony. Speeches were given by different Youth Representative, YSP-Senegal General Secretary Se Jin Fary N’Diaye and Vice-President Dony Kando, The Senegal National Leader also FFWPU/Senegal President Mr Abderahmane Gaye and the Vice-Mayor of Tivaouane Peulh Mr Boubacar Kâ. But the highlight of the ceremony was the artistic prostrations given by different youngsters including those of YSP-Senegal representing young spirits ready to put the work needed for their development. To close the

Many took the engagement to better themselves and transmit what they have seen and learned that day to the rest of the youth and apply those teachings to their lives. Moreover, they expressed their will to join and start partnerships between their associations and YSP-Senegal.

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