Russia: Pure Heart Ceremony Evokes Smiles and Tears

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On March 23, the annual Pure Heart Ceremony was held in the Moscow Peace Embassy. This year, 15 families took part in the ceremony, with some traveling from the cities of Tambov and Saratov, joining families from Moscow. The ceremony was a deep and touching completion of the four-week preparation, which included joint family readings, study and discussion of the materials sent.

On this day, the FFWPU president of the Eastern Europe subregion, Mr. Jack Corley, and the leader of the Second Generation Department of Eastern Europe, Elena Kalmatskaya, spoke to the families. Two older children of the second generation held confidential conversations separately with boys and girls, while Mrs. Kalmatskaya told parents about important aspects of adolescence, including protecting children from pornography. At the end of this meeting, parents and children wrote each other sincere letters of love and support, explaining the difficulties they face.

In the afternoon, the ceremony itself took place, at which the children made a vow to take over the baton of their parents’ faith, actively participate in the life of the Church, maintain chastity until receiving the Blessing and then stay faithful to their husband or wife. The parents, in turn, promised to take care of and support their children along the way.

The children received the Pure Heart ring from their parents as a reminder of this promise, and then they exchanged the letters they had written earlier.

After a touching prayer of all the participants, parents danced a waltz with their children to the sound of recorded music.

During the ceremony there were many joyful smiles, sincere tears, warmth and gratitude to God, True Parents and each other.

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