Russia: Moscow Conference Develops Allies for HTM Activities


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On Friday and Saturday, March 22-23, 2019, the second conference titled “Universal Values and Healthy Families as a Basis for Peace and Development,” organized by FFWPU, took place in the Peace Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

The inspiration for these conferences lies in True Mother’s three world strategies which she developed as a foundation for national restoration. The organizers of the Moscow conference used as a model the Asian Leadership Conferences which take place regularly in Thailand. This conference aims to develop the second strategy of creating the environment for the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship movement.

Having analyzed the results of the first FFWPU conference, which took place in December 2018, we decided to focus this time on increasing the number of participants, inviting guests particularly from places that are ready for HTM development, and giving the Blessing at the end of the program. We wanted to create a model that can be used for local programs and to make agreements for follow-up programs.

All together around 30 guests attended the conference, from three nations: Armenia, Belarus and Russia. Three major religions were represented: Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. We kept the educational focus on True Parents’ philosophy centering on the true family ideology. The wide religious representation was challenging and at the same time challenged us to take an approach that would transcend religious, national and cultural differences.

There were four speakers. On the first day, Ivan Chelovekov, an experienced Divine Principle lecturer, gave a presentation about universal principles; then Mr. Jack Corley, the subregional president of FFWPU  Eastern Europe, elaborated on the Three Blessings and the Four Realms of Heart. On the second day, Yury Gavrilin, the president of FFWPU Russia, explained the Family Federation point of view on the cause of the conflicts in society and the world; then Marya Nazarova, the leader of Universal Peace Federation of Russia, gave a moving presentation about the life of the FFWPU founders.

In his concluding remarks, Alexey Saveliev, the vice president of FFWPU Eastern Europe, explained about family festivals and the five steps of the Blessing as a path to world peace. Guests were welcome to ask questions and give remarks in order to feel ownership over the program.

Three couples received the Blessing. This was an important victory because the last time none of the couples were blessed. The entire program creates a model which can be implemented locally: educational conference, family festival and Blessing.

FFWPU invites all organizations of good will to cooperate for the sake of building a true family movement and serving local people.

As a final result plans were made for future programs in Belarus, the Russian republics of Karelia and Bashkortostan, and the town of Tikhvin.

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