Russia: Intercultural and Interreligious Family Festival in Moscow


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

On March 30 Women’s Federation for World Peace of Russia, in cooperation with the Moscow Central House of Cultural Workers and other NGOs, held its sixth Intercultural and Interreligious Family Festival titled “Family World.” The goal of this festival is to promote true family values, to show the beauty of different cultures and traditions, and to promote intercultural friendship and cooperation.

This year Russian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Indian, Afghan, Georgian, Jewish and Ukrainian families shared their values and beautiful performances with the audience. They sang songs, danced, played various musical instruments. The atmosphere of the festival was very lively and joyful. One of the partners wrote later that as long as we keep holding such events, we can have hope for a peaceful world.

All the families and many partners expressed their strong desire to cooperate and to promote world peace.

Many people in the audience were moved to tears when a little Afghan boy sang the Russian song “Do Russian People Want War?”

It was also meaningful that families representing real enemy nations could participate in this festival together.

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