Russia: Family Festival Becomes Family Evening


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

In the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, the members discovered a new format for the Family Festival. With just three couples participating on April 6, the community turned the festival into a family evening, with a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. This allowed them to educate the guests more deeply, as well as to achieve heartistic contact with people who until then were strangers.

In addition to the usual ceremonies and lectures, there were competitions for couples, both funny and serious, as well as songs, dances, and karaoke.

One of the guests had been planning to go with her husband to a restaurant after our event was over, because she had the attitude that it was impossible to relax without alcohol. However, at the end of our evening, she admitted that she was “intoxicated with love” and that there was no need to drink alcohol.

Our Central Blessed Families who participated in the festival received a lot of inspiration and the opportunity to spend time together and deepen relations.

Although it would be difficult to create the same atmosphere with greater numbers of people, now we have two types of festivals and we can hold them for different numbers of people.

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