Romania: Two Days Divine Principle Workshop


Prepared by CARP Romania

We invited five young people who are interested to receive Divine Principle education on March 30 to 31, 2019. All five are preparing to participate in Romania Summer 15 days Divine Principle workshop. Together with STF members and Romanian members we made good atmosphere for supporting our object partners.

The structure of the workshop was centered on Divine Principle lectures and team-unity activities. The workshop started Saturday with Introduction of the Divine Principle, followed by three lectures explaining the Principle of Creation and the Human Fall. All lectures were prepared by national leader, Reverend Jeong Bong Moon. After lectures we organized team- building activity in the park. In the evening we had special time of sharing about life and understanding of Divine Principle.

On the second day of Workshop our guests received presentation about Motivation of Human Fall and Principle of Restoration. The lectures ended with CARP Membership presentation, about Core Values and Principles of CARP and what it means to become CARP member. We invited young people to actively join CARP activities.

The guests were grateful to experience our Two Days Divine Principle workshop and expressed their hearts in their reflections.

  • “After the 2days Divine Principle workshop I can say I am motivated and eager to overcome my limitation. Now I can understand more about life. As long as I am surrounded by the right people, everything will be alright.” (Isabella,16)
  • “The lectures were very inspiring and made me think more about life and my value. I want to make the world a better place. I’m grateful for the love I received; this inspires me to be a better person. The lectures were full of passion, teaching about the right path, the path of God! I know now that the change needs to start from myself. Thank you for everything!” (Elena,19 years old)
  • “The lesson I got from this workshop is to go in front line and follow the path of goodness. On this path I should not give in to temptations. I felt I am part of a big family and I can give and receive to my brothers and sisters. Thank you for everything.”

The guests were excited to participate in the Divine Principle workshop and will support CARP in the following events as staff. We concluded the workshop with grateful and joyful heart that and we hope that our beloved Heavenly Parents could enjoy together with us this beautiful workshop.

Thank you our beloved True Parents and Heavenly Parents for your support!


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