Romania: Intercultural Event – One Family under God


Prepared by CARP Romania

On the first weekend of April (April 6), we organized Intercultural Event. The theme of the event was “One Family Under God”. Our purpose was to represent one international family centered on God.

Both STF team and Romania CARP Members worked together in successfully representing family traditions around the world. For the event 60 guests participated.

The event started with a welcome song offered by STF members followed by a welcome speech held by Rev. Jong Bong Moon, president of FFWPU Romania. He shared how culture starts from the family and we are all one big family. He welcomed everyone in the big family of Romania CARP.

Afterwards representatives of Brazil shared about a culture of family harmony and passion for football. All volunteers united in singing one song about love in Portuguese language.

Korean representatives followed with an educational moment. Two Korean brothers shared about the preciousness of family relationships and elder- younger etiquette in Korean society. Korean representatives sang together “ Arirang” song, inviting participants to sing and dance together.

We had the great honor to welcome one very special guest for the event, President of UPF in Europe, Mister Otsuka Katsumi.

He offered a heartfelt speech about the value of our life centered on God.

Through his message he also gave guidance about interreligious unity under the same Creator. The young people of Romania very much appreciated his joyful spirit and parental heart.

Next in our event’s schedule we had an interview with Japanese young people with double nationality. We listened to their life stories and their diverse cultural experience.

The last country to be presented was Romania. Two Romanian CARP members talked about the preciousness of Easter traditions and time spent with the family. It was a meaningful reminder on what is the true meaning of Easter traditions, on honoring Jesus’s sacrifice and honoring our parents and family all together.

The intercultural event ended with song and dance offered by STF and Romania CARP.

After the event, the guests could taste traditional food from all over the world. Thanks to the amazing cooking skills of Brazilian and Japanese sisters we could enjoy traditional snacks and cakes.

We had a great time sharing together about the event while enjoying the warm weather of April.

With the help of God and True Parents we could successfully organize Intercultural Event in Romania. Hopefully this can be a seed planted in people’s heart toward multicultural unity entered on God.

It is with great joy that we report about last Saturday’s successful event.

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