Portugal: CARP and HARP Spring Workshop


by Sérgio Neto, FFWPU Portugal

We organized a workshop for the youth from April 12 to 15, 2019 at our headquarters in Lisbon and 18 young people participated. This was a family reunion to revitalize and align with our True Parents and all of Providence at this time.

Some of the participants were at the Cheong Pyeong branch event in Spain so they were very inspired and created a good atmosphere for others to bond among all the young people of the second generation and Jacob.

Our motto was “God Works with Me” and we explored topics such as purity not only sexual purity but purity of mind, attitudes and purity of our actions in our daily life so that God has fully reside in our family and work through us in our daily life. It is very important to stablish a very deep relationship with God so that we can become a reflection of the whole work of God.

It was a very joyful with lectures, entertainment, games, group activities and reflections. And as usual, we had the help of parents, mostly blessed couples who supported the workshop physically and spiritually to nourish our young people.

Thank you to True Parents for this revival gathering of young people.


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