Philippines: Weekly Barangay Peace Leadership Conferences

By Chooli Julia Nuyana, FFWPU Philippine

In order to expand the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Movement in the Philippines and to create partnerships with the local government units, the Universal Peace Federation- Philippines and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification-Philippines recently finished five batches of the 2-Day Barangay Peace Leadership Conference held weekly beginning from March of this year.

Barangays in the Philippines are the smallest administrative unit in the country and this conference aims to reach out to and educate the elected government leaders in the grassroots called Barangay Chairmen and their spouses on the Divine Principle, Principles of Peace and Good Governance and True Family Movement. With the theme, “Family As A School of Love: The Role of Barangay Leaders in Nation Building, the conference content highlights topics on strengthening of marriages and families as cornerstones of building a peaceful society. Another highlight of this conference is the presentation on the Vision, Life and Legacies of True Parents as well as the programs and projects of the UPF and FFWPU that are available for partnerships and can be readily implemented in the local communities. These include: Pure Love Movement, Tong Il Moo Do Martial Arts Program, Women’s Federation for World Peace, Interfaith Peace Blessing Festivals and Youth Character Development Programs.

A Blessing Ceremony is held during the last day of the conference for the couples to renew their marriage vows and celebrate the strengthening and sanctity of marriages as envisioned by the True Parents. All the participants are so inspired by the Blessing and vowed to bring the Blessing as a program in order to strengthen their communities and address their problems which are fundamentally caused by family breakdown and immorality.

The conference is done every weekend since March 1-2, 2019 with the most recent one held last March 30-31. So far, 131 participants composed of Barangay Chairmen with their spouses have attended. The goal is to educate at least 400 Barangay Chairmen couples in Metro Manila and in nearby Provinces until June 2019 and make them owners of the Heavenly Tribal Messiah Movement in the Philippines by organizing Blessing events in their own respective Barangays.

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