Nepal: Peace Road 2019


Prepared by UPF Nepal

On April 9, 2019, amid a bad weather condition under the pouring rain at the very day of peace road program, organizers had no benefit of the doubt but the eagerness to contribute to the world wide activity is the top priority thru peace walk around the ring road of 150 meters.

President of FFWPU Nepal, Mr. Santosh kumar Paudel, gave the short briefing of the vision and goal of Peace road project. The Peace road activity was happen under the guidance of UPF Chairman-Asia Pacific Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal

Current member of national assembly (MP), Hon. Ram Narayan Bidari said that “UPF Nepal is doing really great good activities and it goes beyond religious, races and nationality. I hope this peace road rally can bring peace in the world. And he added that “conflict and fighting cannot achieved anything but through peace we can do many things such as uniting the races, nationality and religion. Hon. Bidari is strong member of communist party of Nepal.

Former Member of parliament, Hon. Milan Kumari Rajbanshi was the coordinator of peace road project 2019-Nepal and bring hundredths of participants from Member of Parliament, ambassador for peace, Hindu religious leader and Youth and student leader.

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