Nepal: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

On April 6, 2019, despite the unfavorable weather condition, Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing program continued under the pouring rain in the tent. Around 900 people and specially the Couple participants were patiently waiting to the program to begin and unlucky the rain did not stop.

Heavenly Tribal Messiah workshop program continues while it’s raining, that made the program venue vibrant thru the wonderful color of umbrella that the participants used to shield their head to the pouring rain. Organizers had nothing to do but to begin formally Heavenly Tribal Messiah blessing program for Mrs. Duckja Park – Korean national.

The program was graces by the Deputy Mayor of Lethang municipality. During the program, participants are actively participating to the ceremony conducted; pouring rain did not bothered the ongoing ceremony. As they understand the value and it’s significant of the blessing, they stay until the program end happily and when the program finished, the rain stop and participants rejoiced of dancing and singing and leave the venue with their best smile ever had.

Newly appointed Ambassador for Peace was awarded during the program – those are the peace council coordinator, contributing the peace process in the said area.

430 couple was mobilized thru door to door and home approach and short lecture education (30 minutes) of the significant and the value of the blessing for 1 month mobilization of 4 mobilizers (HTM coordinator – local resident of lethang municipality). With the convincing approach, couple are vowed attend the Heavenly Tribal Messiah program and they fill up the registration form, attached the 2×2 photo of both couple.

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