Italy: Hyojeong Cheonbo Workshop

Building the Kingdom of God in Cooperation with the Heavenly Realm


By Giuseppe Cali, FFWPU Italy

This was the fourth of such events on April 13 and 14, 2019, that I attended: Germany, Albania, Spain and Italy, three of them as officiator, so, I can say that it was a period of full immersion in the spirit of the CheonBo providence and spirit. The event saw the participation of nearly four hundred members, mainly from Italy, but including some from neighboring countries.

Starting from my impressions, I experienced an inner peace and a constant presence of God that only in moments of deep prayer I could experience. It was a shower of high spirituality that re-harmonized my inner self. I believe that everybody experienced the same phenomena in various degrees, as I received many similar testimonies from brothers and sisters. I saw many tears of repentance, but many more of joy and commotion for feeling a deep touch with the inner Divine nature.

One more reflection is about the 3rd stage of this providence. I attended several times the program run in the past by Daemonim and I always had a deep experience, but there is a clear difference in my experience now: in the past, the main perception was about the evil spirits leaving my body and the bodies of the participants. It was a fight against the forces of darkness that required a strong focused mind and determination, to finally reach a sense of liberation. In this new level, centered on direct work of True Parents, peace and joy prevail and everything happens in a much more natural way, almost effortlessly. The perception of spirits of goodness is much stronger than the one of evil spirits. Everything happens centered on the Heart of Compassion of the Heavenly Parent, more than in a fighting environment. And it is much more powerful!

Outstanding was also the workshop of preparation led by Rev. In Pyo Moon, Tibor Krebsz and Mateo Ziko, that with parental heart trained two teams from STF and a group of thirteen Italian youth in all the tasks of the Chanyang. They had just few days, but due to everybody’s constant effort and sacrifice, the result was amazing and surprising. It was so moving to see them on the stage singing and dancing, shouting Abuji! Omonì!, inciting everybody to feel True Parents’ presence in the hall! I ended up in tears several times, looking at them. I saw many of them when they were born, and I followed and educated all of them throughout their still brief lives and to see them in such a spiritual state it was one of the most beautiful scenery I could ever see. I really felt that ancestors, 1st generation and 2nd generation we were all united in one heart with True Parents. These three generation, past, present and future, gave us the connection to eternity. It is something that I’ll never forget!

Something that is linked to the real sense and meaning of human life, as it should be according to the original plan. How wonderful it could be, if each and every person of the world could experience such a meaning so deeply! How quickly the world could change!

I’m so grateful to True Mother that had a vision to send to our countries the CB team, so that many more brothers and sisters could live such an experience.

Now we are going back to all the other activities that we had to neglect for a while, but with a renewed awareness and many more new friends in Heaven that will support us. Who can stop us now?

PS: Yes, the banner for the picture was too big. I’m happy we did a little mistake, to remind us that that we have still a certain way to go and improve ourselves. But God, He is perfect, and He was there with us, His precious children, may be laughing because of the gigantic banner, but still embracing us all with all Hid Heart.

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