Italy: A Gathering for the Youth

Prepared by CARP Italy

On April 6, 2019 we organized a Game & Movie Night in our center in Bergamo. In order to involve Italian people to become more “international”, and especially work on practicing a different language, everything was in English! Many young people participated, some of them from different countries, and also 4 guests, who came for the first time to a CARP event.

The environment was really unite through the board games groups! You could see people trying to speak in English, helping each other to explain something. The fun was assured.

The movie shown was “Green Book”, winner of 3 Oscar Prizes, including also the Best Picture prize. The movie as well was shown in the original language, to tempt the participants to enter the English environment. It was about the relationship between two men, a bodyguard and a black musician, doing a tour around America. However, during their trip, they have to deal with problems associated with racism, which was strong at that time in America.

The movie was really appreciated for his deep meaning and the guys got into it, also thanks to its funny and emotional parts. A marvelous evening for Bergamo’s youths and all others.

This activity will be for sure reorganized again in the future, given the positive feedbacks from the participants, who could gain more confidence in speaking in English, for their schools, jobs and even holidays.

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