Hungary: Cultural Bridge through Intercultural Marriage


By György Kozma, FFWPU Hungary

This was the first time in Hungary that the Filipino blessed wives in cooperation with the Filipino community in Hungary prepared a cultural event in Budapest at the Peace Embassy on 30th March, 2019.

Many of the Filipino community members got married to Hungarians, therefore it was very natural to talk about the value of the intercultural (or cross cultural) marriages, which is also the main focus point of the founders of the UPF, Rev. and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to make faster the peace building process.

We shared True Father’s words from the autobiography about the intercultural, interracial, and interreligious marriage blessings.

It was very interesting, that we could welcome the former city major of Gyömrő (small city next to Budapest), Mr. Levente Gyenes who initiated group weddings in his city 8 years ago and they keep that every year regularly within a 3 days event called Romantic Holidays. He received the autobiography book as a gift. The city is well known in Hungary as the capital of Romantic.

Also, we could acknowledge a Filipino lady who has Hungarian husband as AFP. Maria Liza Barchet invested a lot of effort to help the Filipinos in Hungary to integrate into this new culture. She organized several interreligious and interracial events.

Among the participants there were 3 people from UN – UNHR, and 4 guests from UNICEF and 2 couples from UN FAO Dept. (Food and Agriculture Organization) as well.

The hall was full, overflowed, and even several participants had to stay outside at the door. We could experience, that we can gain the interests of people through introducing different cultures. Through cultural events we can introduce more about the idea of One Family Under God. This way we can prepare the environment for the blessing.

Specially that the audience asked our lecturer, Ms. Leonita Zahora – who is also one of the vice presidents of UPF Hungary – how did she met her husband. She testified directly that they were matched by Rev. Moon in 1992.

After the event one of the Filipino wives shared that she got inspiration to receive blessing at the Peace Embassy, because last April they did not receive the invitation, but this time wants to have the chance.

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