HJ Global News (April 27, 2019)


Prepared by Peace TV

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This week we cover:

1. True Mother’s Activities

  • Victorious Return and 59th Anniversary of the Holy Wedding
  • Inaugural session of the Strategic Conference of Cheonilguk Leaders
  • Strategic Conference of Cheonilguk Leaders

2. World News

  • Heavenly Messiah activities (Benin, Proclamation of 430 Blessings of Heavenly Tribal Messiahs / Taiwan, Heavenly Tribal Messiah Blessings / Heavenly Japan, Sub-region 1 of Japan: Gunma Seminar on Eternal Life)
  • Peace Movement (New Zealand, Launch of IAPD / Korea-Japan Tunnel Research Group Invite Jim Rogers / Heavenly Korea: Hyo Jeong Forum Celebrates Hope Rally)
  • Youth Activities (Brazil: GROW Group Celebrates Easter with Charity Event / ITALY-CARP: Testimony Activity / Delivery of Wonmo Pyeongae Scholarships in Colombia and Ivory Coast)
  • FFWPU News (Sub-regions 4 and 5 of Korea: Special Leaders Conference / Office of External Relations: Reports from the Korean press)

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  1. Shin-ah Basile says:

    J’encourage peacetv pour des belles nouvelles du monde qu’il a toujours produit

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