Haiti: Heavenly Tribal Messiah Workshop and Blessing


Prepared by FFWPU Haiti

On April 6, we held a Blessing ceremony for 30 couples at the Christian Church of Mare-Dugas, Port-de-Paix, the capital of the Nord-Ouest department of Haiti.

Pastor Saintil Boniface of this Christian Church had learned the Unification Principles five years ago, and since then he could not forget the contents of the Unification Principles even if learned the doctrine of other religions after this, finally he received revelation from Heavenly Parent, then it has been linked to the Haiti Family Church.

Prior to the Blessing Ceremony, basic education of believers was held several times, and the believers who also were moved by the words of the new truth, came to the Blessing Ceremony with a feeling of joy.

After the Blessing Ceremony, it was held an indemnity stick ceremony and received an education the significance of the 40-days Holy Separation period.

Also, with the offer from Pastor Saintil Boniface, the name of the Christian church was changed to “Mare-Dugas Unification Church”,  and a new signboard was raised in front of the church, to make a new departure.

In the True Parents’ victory realm, we appreciate Heavenly Parents sincerely a pastor is connected by revelation in Haiti Family Church.

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