Germany: Easter Workshop 2019


Prepared by FFWPU Germany

A group of about 45 participants and members of staff gathered for this year’s Easter workshop in the Neumühle. The motto for the workshop, held from April 16-22, was: “Dancing in the Moonlight – Courageous and Free”.

We decided on this motto because it was of great importance to us that each workshop participant could be honest: honest with him/herself, as well as with others. Each person should have a feeling of being able to be completely free; that this requires courage is unquestionable.

As well as traditional Principle lectures from Reinhold Merta, there was a presentation by Jonathan Makkonen about faith, in which we learnt what faith means and how one can be free and open about dealing with one’s faith in everyday life.

The participants were, however not only passive listeners but had the opportunity to critically evaluate the Principle and thus to deepen their faith. Activities such as ‚Cross the Line‘, where sincerity is called for, gave the participants a chance to be open about the things that they were dealing with internally.

Our desired goals and visions were realized during the course of the workshop, and so from our point of view, the workshop was a great success!

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