France: A New Start


By David Perry, FFWPU France

For many years, the Sunday service in the French headquarters was held in small, crowded room in the basement. But after a project to restore and improve the veranda, which was in a miserable condition, the Sunday service has left basement for the bright, springtime sun!

As part of the project, a section of the wall was completely torn down to give a large opening to the veranda so that the living room and the veranda together provide a large comfortable space for the service.

On the 31st of March, a sanctification ceremony was held during the Sunday service to inaugurate this new space. Brothers and sisters were very happy to come together in this space much brighter and more comfortable that what they had before.

Following a suggestion of Dr. Otsuka, Jean-François Moulinet used a sentence from True Father in France, in 1995: “Unity among blessed couples in France is so vital. Become like a diamond that no one can break.” Each participant could receive a commemorative gift and share a good cake at the end of the service.

The next step is to use this space for other events and to welcome guests to share in the atmosphere that we create there.

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