France: 1st Lifebook Workshop – Developing your full Potential


By Rafael Guignard, CARP France

20 participants came together for the 1st WS of a series of 3 Personal Development WS aiming to help young members to live ideal, happy, healthy, successful and fulfilling lives in all its dimensions and areas. The Lifebook Structure identifies 12 key areas in our lives that we need to take care of and that need a clear vision to bring all these areas harmoniously together. The 12 categories are : 1. Health and fitness 2. Intellectual life 3. Emotional life 4. Character 5. Spirituality 6. Love relationship 7. Parenting 8. Social life 9. Career 10. Finances 11. Quality of life 12. Life Vision.

Rafael Guignard decided to develop this kind of personal development training because from his own experience and from sharing with many young unificationnists in France and Europe he realized that the challenge we face is to be able to succeed in all areas of life without sacrificing any important one. Through going himself through a lot personal development training he finally found an educational structure and system that could help young member to substantially and harmoniously succeed in all areas of life.

In this first workshop the participants went through the first 5 individual categories of health and fitness, intellectual life, emotional life, character and spiritual life which are the foundation of success and fulfillment in all other life categories. For each category Rafael Guignard gave a short presentation with principles, examples, questions to reflect on and exercises to do right away or later at home. After individual reflection time we gathered as small groups and a big group to share about our insights, feelings and goals.

They key to succeed in life is to have a clear long term vision, but also clear stepping stones and daily habits to get there. Participants received guidance and practiced breathing, mindfulness, meditation and healthy eating throughout the whole day.

All guidance was broadcasted live on the French Young Unificationnists community for those who couldn’t come to attend.

The next workshop will be on Sunday April 14th on “Developing Harmonious Relationships” and Sunday May 19th on “Developing a meaningful and abundant career and life”

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