Europe: STF Witnessing Testimonies


Prepared by STF Europe (April 18, 2019)

We just finished a 3 months period of witnessing in Europe and we want to share with You our experiences and results, hoping to bring you joy and hope!

These are the testimonies of the team leaders in STF, they chose to stay a second year in the program to take care of their younger siblings who joined this year.

Each witnessing team was made of about 6/7 people. We had teams in : Albania, Kosovo, Romania, Ukraine, Austria and Czech Republic.


Francesc Babi – Witnessing team in Prague, Czech Republic

Dear True Mother, my name is Francesc Babi, I am from Andorra (Europe) and I am currently doing a second year of STF in Europe.

We just finished our witnessing condition and I feel spiritually alive!

I never understood why my mother would stop studying and join the formula course for 7 years to then become the national leader to follow God and True Parents dream, until now.

By studying, reading and applying the Divine Principle during witnessing I could experience a much meaningful way of living. That’s when I could clearly see how the Divine Principle is the closest way to the Truth and therefore understand better my mother’s heart.

Through this period, I was asking myself: what does life of faith means? Through prayers I realized that life of faith is not about focusing on me and God, it’s more about making other people feel God through me! I became more aware of people, of guests and what I was doing in my daily life of  witnessing. Everything became clearer, every action had a meaning and I started to understand the foundation of our movement and history itself.

Understanding the Divine Principle allowed me to clearly see that True Parents coming is predestined and is meant to happen so that God’s will can be realized. I felt hopeful trying to do my best to fulfill my portion of responsibility to contribute to the purpose of creation.

I feel very grateful and blessed for just being alive and having the opportunity at my 20 years of life to understand things that people haven’t understood for many centuries!

After I realized this, witnessing had a deeper meaning for me, and going out to approach young students became a precious “job”, I would say one of the best jobs we could be doing!

That’s why I can say that True Parents have the greatest job on earth: to fulfill God’s Kingdom of Heaven on Earth and I can now take ownership on Heavenly Parents and True Parents dream! Thank you! With utmost sincerity, Francesc.


Noemia – Witnessing team in Pristina, Kosovo

I’m Noemia from Italy, currently on my 2nd year in STF Europe. My witnessing experience has been challenging but surely, I gained a lot from it. I understood on a fundamental level who I want to be and for what do I want to fight for in my life. I want to be a witnesser, without hesitation! I want to witness about Heavenly Parent’s love and about each person’s original value.

During this condition I injured my foot, so at the beginning I wasn’t able to go out witnessing but this situation gave me the opportunity to observe with more attention the environment around me and the people in the witnessing centre who were investing and dedicating so much. I could see the big change in my team members, how they found their own personal faith and relationship with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Witnessing to others helped to witness to themselves! The team members developed a deep desire to invest for the providence, Heavenly Parent and True Parents. They started looking for answers to their many questions about Divine Principle. I saw directly how the presence of God in people’s heart can change completely their life in a more brighter way. It is a fundamental piece of the puzzle to be complete in our lives.

Barnaba – Witnessing team in Korca, Albania

Dear Beloved True Mother! I hope your health is good. Together with my team we finished 3 months of witnessing mission in Korca, Albania. I can’t describe how grateful I am to be able to support the members in this city.

With my whole team we studied Divine Principle very hard to be able to understand it and to teach it to new guests. By practicing giving lectures we gained more experience and we taught to many people in our center. I understood a lot about how Heavenly Parent feels and about His heart.

During these 3 months we also organized Blessing ceremonies for guests, and we showed them lectures about True Parents and Heavenly Parent, it was amazing to be able to give the Blessing to so many people. We could see how many people are ready to receive the new Truth and how much Heavenly Parent and the spiritual world want to support us!

We really want to offer this time with a joyful and grateful heart to You and Heavenly Parent! Please stay healthy, we will keep on working to give our whole heart to you!


Henrique – Witnessing team in Vlora, Albania

Witnessing as a team leader allowed me to see things from a different point of view. During this time, I faced hard challenges, I faced many limitations and my faith has been tested. I was asking myself why I was going through so much hardship and then one day I found the answer: I realized that Heavenly Parent cannot reach me and support me if I am not open to Him. I was blocking the way for Him to reach out to me because I was scared. After this realization I could be clearer with myself and with the team and more results started coming for everyone.

Through this experience of witnessing I could learn a lot about myself but also about the importance of having a heart of a parent towards the team members and the guests. I especially learned that the leader needs to show the example and give guidance by actions, not just words.

Jonghan – Witnessing team in Bucharest, Romania

I was able to feel a parental heart more during this time and I realized that I was walking on the same path that my parents have gone through. I could see that every small action and decision I was making was very similar to how my parents would have acted.  Something very important that I learned is that if I really live in attendance of True Parents, I really can be able to raise my Shimjung and love and give it to others unconditionally.


Rebecca – Witnessing team in Vienna, Austria

Dear True Mother, we just finished our 3 months witnessing in Vienna. It was one of the most valuable experiences I had in my life! Since I was sent to witness in my own country, I faced a lot of struggles and concern in the beginning. What mainly helped me overcome the concepts I had about my own people was the fact that you see hope in this nation. That’s why also I got this motivation, drive to do more, invest more than I ever did before. It was not easy to start off from small, but I could really see the team members invest so much into witnessing, events, loving people. Their growth was so clear to see. Getting closer and closer to Heavenly Parents and True Parent’s and your vision for Vienna by especially interacting with the guests, gaining even the slightest understanding of what it means to have a parental heart towards someone. So, in the end we could work together with GMP missionaries and dedicated CARP members to in a way revive the center and move it in Heavenly Parent’s direction.


Sara – Witnessing team in Elbasan, Albania

During this witnessing time I was able to understand a small fraction of God’s dream and what it means. His dream is so big and it’s hard to believe that we can be part of it but I understood how important it is for us to give our best to make it happen.

I started to understand how God sees us by meeting the guests and approaching people on the street and seeing a lot of potential in them. I could see so much value, beauty and potential in my team members and in our guests. I determined myself to support them as much as possible and to give my best to show this to them and give them hope that they can reach their full potential.

We have to be confident that we can achieve God’s dream. True Parents have been a great inspiration in showing the example and in giving us hope. I want to contribute to fulfil God’s dream because I know that this is what people desire and this is the way for everyone in the world to be happy. We need to keep on giving our best even when it gets difficult, or when it’s hard to have hope.

Thank you for the love and wisdom You have blessed us with, we love you True Parents!

Daniela – Witnessing team in Kiev, Ukraine

I’m Daniela Aldasoro from Argentina, I’m doing 2nd year in STF Europe. This is my testimony about Jeondo in Ukraine, Kiev. I could have the opportunity to go to Ukraine, and we stayed there around 3 months. We were 7 people in my team.

I could learn so much, especially I realized how important it is to live a life based on True Parents teachings, living substantially the Divine Principle in my life. That in my life, my purpose it should be always connected with Heavenly Parents purpose, I want to do Jeond every day in my life.

I could have the opportunity to lead a team, and understood that I need to always read True Parents teachings and try to embody it. I understood that to do Jeondo is not just with the people on the street, but actually starts with myself and my team now, and in my life with my family, and then I can do in a bigger level.

I’m grateful to Heavenly Parents for this opportunity to be able to understand a more deeply why True Parents said that we always need to do Jeondo.

The way that I can see life is different now, and I’m deeply grateful about this, because I want to live my life based on True Parents teachings, that I need to take ownership of what I am doing right now.

I’m grateful to understand a bit more Heavenly Parents’ heart, and thanks to this I can invest more into the providence.

I want to keep learning, growing, learning how I can give more to Heavenly Parents, learning how to live for the sake of others, learning how to apply Divine Principle in my daily life.

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