Dominican Republic: Hyojeong Cheonbo Special Workshop


By Jake Laviña ,FFWPU Dominican Republic

A CheonBo Special Workshop was conducted at our Headquarters on March 23rd-24th 2019. This workshop led by the President of the Heavenly Latin America Subsidiary of Hyojeong CheonBo of Heaven and Earth Training Center Rev. Song Nam Kim with the support of the Continental Director of Heavenly Latin America Rev. Sang Seuk Kim and the Regional Director of Heavenly Latin America Sub-Region 5 Rev. Leonidas Belliard.

This was the 3rd HJ CheonBo Tour in our region but was the very first time here in Caribbean Island. This time participants came from 3 Islands in Caribe. The program divided into 8 parts including the Chanyang Yeoksa, Ancestors Liberation Ceremony, Spirit World and Physical World Matching Workshop, HJ Offering Ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune and HJ Sunhak Scholarship Ceremony. During the Opening Ceremony, Rev. Belliard formally welcomed all the participants which followed by a message by Rev. Sang Seuk Kim. In his address, he expressed his appreciation to all the participants. Rev. Song Nam Kim explained briefly the meaning of this event and encourage everyone to give his or her utmost sincerity and dedication during the event.

In the afternoon, the Lecturer of the Heavenly Latin America Subsidiary of the HJ CheonBo Training Center of Heaven and Earth Mr. David Pereyra gave the deep explanation about the Chaniang Yeoksa to help the participants understand better the meaning of this event. Rev. Song Nam Kim gave also an special lecture as we close the program in the 1st day. In his Lecture, he shared some testimonies of the members around the world who have experience this event and how Chaniang Yeoksa helped them in their personal situation.

In the next day, the program started with Hoon Duk Hae led by Rev. Belliard. He gave some guidance about the value of this event and how important our attitude for the victory of this event. The Program continues by having Ancestor’s Liberation led by Mr. David Pereyra. In this ceremony, all the participants dedicated themselves during the Chaniang Session and offered a sincere prayer to liberate their ancestors. Many members have great experience to connect themselves with their good ancestors and be able to feel the value of this event personally.

The next program was HJ Offering ceremony for the Inheritance of Heavenly Fortune. This program officiated by Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, Rev. Song Nam Kim and Rev. Belliard. In this ceremony, Rev. Song Nam Kim gave a powerful message and testimony about the importance of wish paper. He shared some testimonies of the members around the world who wrote their wishes and being granted through this ceremony. This gave so much hope to all the participants to receive the support of the spirit world as they wrote their wish with sincerity. Mr. Cesar Regalado the General Sec. of UPF DR Chapter led the offering Prayer of Gratitude and it was followed by the Offering of the Boxes with the Letters of HJ Desires by Mr. Luciano De Jesus and Mr. Candido Gomez, first members of Dominican Republic with the entrance of the Offerors led by the National Messiah of St. Kitts Rev. Pascual Lai, National Messiah of DR Rev. Matthias Wiesner, Wife of National Leader of Cuba Mrs. Yeon Hee Kim and National Leader of Haiti Rev. Theodule Paul. This ceremony were concluded by having a 4 cheers of Mansei led by the National Messiah of Dominican Republic Rev. Takashi Kono. Everyone are very happy as we offered these wishes to God and True Parent with the hope and faith that Spirit World will cooperate with us.

The second Half of the Program started by having an Ancestor’s Blessing Ceremony led by Rev Sang Seuk Kim, Rev. Song Nam Kim and the Couple of Rev. Leonidas and Miho Belliard. Many Blessed Couples supported this program including the 3 couples who assisted the Holy Wine Ceremony, 1 couple for Offering flowers for TP and 7 couples who attended the Officiators. This ceremony gives so much hope and happiness to all the ancestors in the spirit World. Some Participants had an experienced to see their ancestors happy and thanking them for supporting them through this ceremony.

The last Part of the Program was giving the Certificates of HJ Sunhak Scholarship led by Rev. Sang Seuk Kim and Rev. Leonidas Belliard. This year, 11 Students from 5 different Island of Central America received the scholarship from True Mother. Lucas Javier the second generation from Dominican Republic who represent the certificate award he emotionally expressed his gratitude to True Parents for having this scholarship.  He added to really study hard and use the scholarship well to support his study and become a student who can give hope to True Parents.

The 2 day Workshop Program ended by entertainment Program led by young generation of Dominican Republic. Second Generation, CARP and CIG missionaries presented wonderful performance to express their gratitude to God and True Parents for bring this event here in Dominican Republic.

Everyone was very emotional and grateful to be part of this important event and it brings unity to all the members of Caribe. Moreover, it gives hope, happiness and inspiration to all the participants to be more connected to True Parents’ Dream. Thank You True Parents for bring this Providential Work here in Caribe. This was truly a new  beginning for everyone to unite together with the support of newly liberated ancestors in the spirit world to restore this nation into True Parents Nation.

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