Czech Republic: Easter 5 Day Divine Principle Workshop


By Eva Pejkofski, FFWPU Czech Republic

We held Easter 5day Divine Principle workshop, held at Prague headquarters on April 18 to 22, 2019.

It is an annual workshop, which have been organized always in the Easter time, and usually a lecturer from another country is invited as we held the workshop in English. This year we were happy to invite Mr. Dale Rose from UK. He was the main lecturer and covered 2 full days of the workshop. Third day was a culmination of the whole content and lectures were given by Cvetko Pejkofski, Czech WT leader, and Martin Slezak, vice president of FFWPU Czech Republic. One of the participants shared that in the end of the third day she thought, based on what they have heard so far, that each of these three lecturers reminded her of one of the three aspects of human nature – first emotions, then intellect and finally will.

In the last two days of the workshop, participants heard about the recent activities of True Parents movement such as YSP and SunHak Peace Prize, and listened to a testimony on How is Principle alive in my life by Martine Masner (European WT department director).

The reason behind organising this WS is a need of a deeper education for our guests who are witnessed during our daily WT activities (supported by CARP social events and lectures), and also for our second gens to receive a Divine Principle education. We have guests who are coming to our WT centre to study Divine Principle one on one on a daily or weekly basis, and through this WS we are giving them a chance to dig deeper and make a commitment.

Among participants were 8 guests, 16 second gen. participants and all together with staff we were 36 people from 4 countries (Czech, Austria, Germany and Switzerland).

All participants were happy and grateful to be able to join the workshop and expressed a joy after being reminded about Heavenly Parent’s heart throughout the ages. The highlight of the workshop was probably the moment, when one of the lecturers boldly announced about Mr. and Mrs. Moon being the Messiah, coming to fulfil what Jesus could not fulfil. There was a very high and excited atmosphere in the room in this moment.

We also had two beautiful and hopeful presentations about True Father’s and True Mother’s life course.

One of the guests shared in her reflection, that during the WS she received some message from a friend. Before she attended this workshop and before she started to study Principle in the WT centre, she would probably laugh about such a message and find it amusing. But now, she was actually rather annoyed by it. She sees a substantial change in her heart after she started to study DP. Also, a parent of one 2nd gen. brother shared, that recently their son is having a complicated relationship with his family.

But during this workshop, this young brother was texting home, how wonderful the workshop is and how much he can profit.

On behalf of all staff, guests and our nation, I thank to True Parents for their breakthroughs and historical discoveries, which are life- changing for all of us!

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