Cote d’Ivoire: Ambassadors for Peace Gathering


By Bouguhe Guede Marius, UPF Cote d’Ivoire

UPF Cote d’Ivoire appointed 28 new Ambassadors for peace on April 7, 2019, at the district hotel in Plateau (Abidjan) with the aim to bring the Ivoirians to cultivate peace in their heart and mind and so in their family and nation.

We had 210 participants including political, military, religious and traditional personalities. The event sponsored by the Rev. Menin Messou, Ambassador for Peace and Vice President of UPF Côte d’Ivoire.

A lecture on the Five Principles of Peace given by Yaboudjro Hénoc, Deputy Secretary General UPF Côte d’Ivoire. After this, we chose 28 individuals from participants, for the works they have done for peace in their respective environments. These 28 people appointed as the new ambassadors for peace.

At this moment Secretary General of UPF Cote d’Ivoire read the message from the President of the UPF Côte d’Ivoire, Chairman Aka Saye Lazare. She asked all the participants to… get together and share in your environment the messages of peace …” She explained in detail the “Road Map” of the Peace Ambassadors life and activities. All the recipients, the participants of the ceremony and all Ivoirians were invited to develop living for the sake of others in their heart and in their actions. .

Rev. Menin Messou in his end message stressed the importance of peace in the world. For him, the quest for peace has existed for a long time. He congratulated UPF officials and the new Peace Ambassadors before inviting participants to make peace, an essential part of our lives. He wished Côte d’Ivoire a lasting peace.

UPF Cote d’Ivoire, aiming to build a world of peace based on the ideal of the family, has more than 4792 Peace Ambassadors in our nation.

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