Chile: Peace Road 2019

“March of Hope for the strengthening of the family, uniting Latin America and the world through  Peace Road.”

Prepared by UPF Chile

We held Peace Road Chile 2019 event on a beautiful Saturday morning of April 27, 2019 in the O’Higgins Park of Santiago. With an attendance of 150 people, mostly young people and adults, everyone came with a bright spirit and eagerness to support this inspiring worldwide movement of peace and unity.

The Master of Ceremony was the Rev. Javier Sierra President of the FFPUM Chile. Special guests and authorities gave clear and encouraging messages about the realization of the ideals of Peace Road in more than 130 countries of the world. President of Celestial Latin America of the FFPUM, Rev. Sang Suk Kim and Rev. Dong Mo Shin, presented speeches about the vision and the progress of the activities worldwide through Peace Road and especially the plans and advances for the Pacification and unity of North and South Korea and the world as  “One Family Under God”.

Our special guests included Mr. Raul Rocha, a national congressman from the country of Bolivia, who highlighted the importance of this organization guided by Mother Moon on earth and Father Moon in heaven, building a platform for the unity of all nations under the flag of peace. In addition, the Municipal Councilor of Easter Island expressed her gratitude for the invitation and encouraged the young people to actively participate in the construction of peace by getting involved in the circles of decisions and influence that will allow us to transmit this culture of the heart.

The leader of the UPF in Chile, Mr. Ross Grange and the President of the UPF Paraguay Mr. Evaristo Fernandez, also gave their words of congratulations and support, in addition to the President of the Women’s Federation of Chile, Mrs. Sachiko Grange, and the President of YSP Chile, Miss Francisca Molina. They all expressed their deep appreciation for the opportunity to hold this event in Chile and committed to continue expanding this vision of True Parents to the Chilean and Latin American societies.

Following, the participants enjoyed excellent artistic presentations, including the musical group Senderos de Paz, who delighted us with traditional Bolivian music, and also the Youth of World Carp Group from Bolivia who presented modern dances and “Muchokon”, moving the whole audience. We then had a special presentation from the Easter Island folk group “Rapa Nui” who with traditional songs and dances allowed us to reflect on peace and harmonious coexistence with Mother Nature.

At the closure of the event in O´Higgins Park, all of the participants committed to move forward in achieving the objectives of Peace Road and the authorities and leaders showed their personal dedication by signing the official map of the unified world of the movement.

Immediately following was an inspiring 5 kilometer bicycle tour with more than 70 cyclists who toured the capital’s bicycle lanes carrying a smile and transmitting the message of Peace Road along the entire route, all the way to center of Santiago, where they gathered for a final photo of front of the Chilean Presidential Palace.

To conclude the event, the participant members made an additional 3 kilometer journey to the Santa Lucia Park, where the Holy Ground of Chile is located.  Gathering there for songs and a prayer to offer the event to God and True Parents, the members also committed to bringing many more participants to this wonderful and inspiring event of Peace Road in the coming year of 2020.

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