Brazil: A Parliamentary Front between Brazil and Korea

Prepared by UPF Brazil

It was in January that the idea of creating a parliamentary front between Brazil and Korea, was taking place, and with the new government who is looking this kind of relationship, all this is to expand the activities of the UPF within the federal chamber of the deputies of Brazil and the chamber of parliamentarian in Korea.  A group that will work not only in the relationship between Korea and Brazil but especially the UPF in its global efforts to connect the nations for peace and social, cultural, sporting and economic development.

Therefore, on March 28 The UPF with deputies and Senators as the center managed to make an opening ceremony of the leading members who will totally support this parliamentary group. This group is made up of 6 deputies and 2 senators and the majority has already participated of the activities of the UPF.

In this same group, UPF Brazil will be leading with the task as a coordinator of the sports activities and martial arts with our Professor Wallison Delano and the Professor Soon Sam Dos Santos overseen by the great master Professor Delio dos Santos

The coordination of international relations is with the vice president of the UPF Reverend Boubacar Diallo, and at the same time the President of the AIPD.

The first objective is to realize a great meeting with our peace ambassadors, the deputies and senators of Korea with the Brazilian parliamentary group to strengthen the relations.

We have enormous hope that this group will help us achieve the goals of peace and development.

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