Benin: International Woman Day 2019

Prepared by WFWP Benin

We celebrated the international woman day on March 16, 2019. This event included a friendly football match between the members of the WFWP Benin and those of the DJAMA UMOJA Association. This match took place on the grounds of Camp GUEZO (Military Camp) and ended in a draw.

In the evening, the celebration continued at Cabaret de BANTOU, with a conference moderated by Ms. Justine ANAGONOU on the theme “Fair thinking, smart building, innovation for change”. During the conference, Ms. Justine ANAGONOU of the FFWPU Benin, reminded women of their role in this era of women and insisted on their responsibility to bring this world back to God. She said it through these words “Because it is through woman that sin entered the world, it is again through woman that will return the original world wanted by God”.

As all the participants were happy with the whole event, a family photo and festivities was taken to keep the memory of the day.

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