Benin: Appointing New Ambassadors for Peace

Prepared by UPF Benin

As part of the strategic arrangements for the preparation of the National Blessing, the Communal Councils of the communes invited the FFWPU / UPF Benin in 4 different location to give lectures about Peace.

every time, right after the lecture about 5 principles of peace by UPF Benin representative, there was an opportunity to appoint Ambassador for Peace. .

This ceremonies chaired by Emmanuel Allognon, President of FFWPU Benin in all 4 different locations. First the mayor of Bonou on March 11, and then the mayor of Adja-Ouèrè, his two Deputies on March 27, then mayor of  Pobè, and his two Deputies on March 28; and finally the mayor of Sakété on March 29 received the certificate of Ambassador for Peace.

In these lecture tour, all the Mayors have all expressed their satisfaction and made a commitment to work for peace. At all the gatherings,participants have shown great interest in FFWPU and UPF activities. All these Communal Councils are willing to cooperate with the FFWPU and UPF Benin.

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