Belgium: Songkran and Family Festival

Inside the venue at the Wat Thai Dhammaram in Waterloo, Belgium – Buddhist prayer for the blessing ceremony – The MC, Hugo Veracx, introducing the vow – Eliane Dellens playing a violin composition for the blessed couples


By Alan and Brigitte Sillitoe, UPF Belgium

Thanks to Luxembourg members’ Erwin and Tomoko Franzen’s connection with the Thai Monk responsible in Waterloo for Belgium and Luxembourg since more than two decades, as well as his recent participation in various UPF programs and in a Blessing ceremony organized for us in Thailand, he invited us to participate in their Songkran (new year) festival and to organize a marriage re-dedication or blessing as part of this event on April 7, 2019 in Woterloo.

This was very challenging as we only had 3 weeks to prepare and, as this festival coincided with their Thai Market, there were very many people and the atmosphere was somewhat confusing.

He nevertheless supported us to the best of his ability and we were able to hold a blessing ceremony for several couples who seemed very moved by the experience. Several other couples were also able to receive the Holy Juice at our photo stand where we invited the couples to have their photo taken with a beautiful background.

This event also represented a very good cooperation between Belgium, Luxembourg and the North of France, with Belgium national leader Hugo Veracx succeeding in the challenge of MC’ing the whole event, including some of the Thai ceremonies. Towards the end of the program, Eliane Dellens of Belgium played a violin composition for the couples.

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