USA: Unificationists in L.A. Prepare for Blessing America

Peace Start with Me

by Susan Munsell, FFWPU USA

The Los Angeles Family Church community is busy organizing and preparing for the April 6 event to welcome Mother Moon back to America. Their goal is to welcome over 5,000 people to Bishop Noel Jones’ City of Refuge Church.

“In preparation for this huge event, the Los Angeles Family Church is hosting prayer breakfasts every Saturday, ACLC Clergy Steering Committee meetings every Monday, Bible Study for Tribal Messiahship every Friday, and outreach every day,” shared Susan Munsell, a Unificationist and volunteer of the preparation team. “Los Angeles Family Church volunteers are offering their time toward mobilization, sending emails, printing flyers, and much more.”

The Western Subregion is so blessed and honored to welcome Mother Moon that, even with a small mobilization team, volunteers are visiting as many as eight churches a day. During the prayer breakfast on March 9, Western Subregional Director Rev. Larry Krishnek introduced several guests who offered their testimonies to inspire others.

Archbishop Ronald Stovall of the Lily of the Valley Outreach Ministry commented, “Prayer breakfasts are something every organization needs; the unity under one spirit. As a result of preparing for Mother Moon to come to Los Angeles, God is working more effectively in our area now than He has before. The importance of sticking together and inviting others resonated in my mind. This experience reminded me of the day of Pentecost!” After the prayer breakfast everyone felt supercharged and energetic to work harder and reach out to more churches.

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