UK: Interfaith Blessing in Birmingham


By David Earle, UPF UK

On the evening of February 28th, we held an Interfaith Blessing attended by 30 people. The

Blessing took place in our home, so it was a very different experience and feeling from our annual Public Blessing, held in a larger venue.

Nonetheless, it turned out to be a wonderful, quite moving, intimate experience, with 15 representative couples taking part.

We gave a 40-minute introduction and explanation of the Blessing, as some of the participants were coming for the first time. Others had received the education previously but had not managed to attend yet for different reasons.

Everyone took the Holy Nectar with reverence, and the mixture of faiths and cultures added a bigger, positive dimension to the very personal experience. Among those attending was a Christian Minister, a beautiful inter-racial couple, and a Consul from the Indian Embassy in Birmingham.

Following the ceremony, two songs were offered, and then several Ambassador for Peace awards presented to some very worthy people. Cake and refreshments followed, and we felt from the overall experience that this is one way forward in providing more opportunities, on a regular basis, for our community’s members to introduce and offer the Blessing to their friends and guests.

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