True Mother’s Words for the 30th Anniversary of the Segye Times

True Mother’s words for the 30th anniversary of the Segye Times 7th of the 1st month in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk (2019.2.11) Sogong-dong Lotte Hotel


Distinguished international leaders!

Today is the 30th anniversary of the Segye Times and many of you came to attend this commemoration Thank you for your presence. I am well known worldwide as a religious leader. However, how did I come to create a newspaper? In addition, the early 1980s was a time when the United States, the nation representing democracy, faced the threat of communist powers. At the same time, there was another situation. From those in the cultural sphere of Christianity, who believe in God, mottoes like ‘God is dead’ and communism came out. At that time, communism was conquering the world. In such a context, the United States was in a dangerous situation. Moreover, in the world’s capital, Washington DC; there was only one newspaper. As you all know, the Washington Post is not a conservative journal.

At that time, True Parents decided to create the Washington Times. Why would we do that? My husband and I are the Messiah. We are the Saviors. That means that for humanity, to know and attend God, True Parents have the responsibility to educate people. In fact, we have received a lot of persecution from Christians in Korea. Because we are the Messiah, we knew that if America collapsed, God would have no place to stand. That is why we founded the Washington Times It will be 36 years old this year. Today is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Segye Times. During that time, older people know that Korea was walking up a difficult path, threatened by communism. The country that saw its liberation in 1945!

In 1950, when the Korean War started how unknown this country was! How is it possible that for such a country, troops from 16 countries under the UN come and shed blood here? Have you ever thought about that? In our National Anthem, we can find the part: ‘May God protect and preserve our country!’ Do you know what it really means? We can no longer delay in revealing the truth of Heaven’s providence. It’s time to proclaim: ‘I am the Messiah.’ With a human-oriented political economy, Korea cannot become a true unified nation. The owner of this country is God the Creator. You have to know in detail who God is what Heaven’s providence entails and why the Messiah should come. Two thousand years ago, Jesus came as the True Parent of humanity, but he could not fulfill God’s will and died on the cross. He said, ‘I will come back.’ Then, the disciples resurrected through the Holy Spirit and Christianity could begin. In the early days, Christians received a lot of persecution.

In 313, Rome recognized Christianity, which grew centered on the peninsula of Italy. It spread through the continent of Europe to the island of England. In the 17th century, King James translated the Hebrew Bible into English. Many laypersons could study the Word. In the meantime, in the Catholic cultural sphere, there have been many failures. Many bad things occurred. In the norms created by humans, the human spirit was confined. That is why communism could emerge. Due to these laypeople, a movement that can attend God from their hearts appeared. It was the Puritan movement. They chose the United States.

This nation was founded 200 years ago and became the central country, representative of democracy for the whole world. It has been 200 years since it was founded. This country of Korea, representative of world democracy… It became a central country. Thousands of years ago Many countries existed. But the Heavens took America’s side, heard America. If so, this country of America… What should it do for the will of God… for mankind? They have to take responsibility. In the position of the savior, True Parents came to educate America. So that it can fulfill its mission. In order to make them aware, the Washington Times was created. That’s why it was established. The same applies to the Korean people for the sake of the nation’s salvation.

We need to serve God. Whether or not there was a need to do so was not a question. It was dark! We could not look at the world. In such a situation, because we are the True Parents, we created the Segye Times. The Segye Times is not just a just a newspaper that informs, it is a newspaper that educates. In today’s world, there are over 200 countries but many of these countries feel their existence is threatened, even super powers. It applies to them too. Until a few years ago, I think there was no pollution. The air of this country wasn’t polluted. Of course, this country is also responsible, but isn’t powerful China actually contaminating us?

For this reason, a few years ago, I proclaimed, ‘Let’s awaken China!’ One Mongolian housewife saw land that was undergoing desertification and started planting trees and created a green mountain. I heard that on the news. If the country had eyes on these things, wouldn’t that be great? Increasingly, big and small nations cannot survive on their own. They have to live together; only then can there be a future. The United Nations was for all to become one; it was founded in order to establish peace, but nations are not uniting. The reason is that they give their own national interests priority. Through human intelligence and human efforts alone, they cannot unite. That is the bottom line. So, what and how should we do?

The original owner and Creator, God! God created human beings and had a purpose for the Creation. He wanted to become a parent, so, He created human beings. The invisible spirit, our Heavenly Parent. wanted to become a visible True Parent to humanity. That’s why He created human beings. There is only one conclusion. This country and all the countries of the world need to join in a movement of serving God, the owner. This is a must. We cannot do otherwise. The unification of North and South, becoming a Heavenly unified Korea is the future for this country. That is what I requested from the Segye Times.

There is no perfection in ignorance. Education is needed. From now on, the Segye Times will go that way. Government leaders assembled here today, everyone from the academic world, this country, as a healthy country, will be able to be proud in front of mankind. You will want us to be such a country. As fast as possible, this nation should become one that serves Heavenly Parent; becoming filial sons and daughters, is the only way to become such a nation. It is the only way for this country to survive. You have to lead in this work. To those at the Segye Times, who have pledged to move forward, please encourage, guide and send them a lot of your love.

Thank you.

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