True Mother’s Message at 2019 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly – Closing Ceremony


True Mother’s Message at 2019 Cheon Il Guk Leaders Assembly – Closing Ceremony

11th of the 1st month in the 7th year of Cheon Il Guk (Friday, February 15, 2019)

HJ Heaven and Earth Cheonbo Training Center


I feel stimulated to see you all. [Applause] After True Father’s seonghwa, I was in an indescribable position in which I had been left alone. Many elder members were around but I could not consider discussing matter with them because they could not perceive the providence. The Seonghwa Ceremony had to be done in the place where enemies present in all nations in the world recognized True Parents’ status on the national level with Heaven’s standard.

However, even that situation should not have happened; I was in the position of having to finish the providence alone. It felt as if I had to find a small needle in an environment in which I could not open my eyes because a sand storm was blowing in a desolate desert. With my heart in this unimaginable state, [holding back tears] I, alone, found that needle. [Applause]

It is not easy to heal all those flaws, full of scars that had not come during the past fifty years in the history of the Unification Church and the Family Federation. Moreover, today you heard the progress reports of the Secretary General of the International Headquarters about the global providence. No one believed in what I wanted to do. People told me that it would not work. That was what happened in Africa. “Why do you choose a country like South Africa, where we have no foundation and even a Muslim country?” Everyone was blocking me.

Heavenly Parent and True Parents’ dream is to raise the 7.6 billion people of the world as children of Heavenly Parent through True Parents. In the lowest position, where the environment was not appropriate, we could not avoid beginning the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. I had to start the providence in an environment that did not fit the Messiah, who comes on the foundation prepared by Christianity for two thousand years. Moreover, while proclaiming the era of Cheon Il Guk with Foundation Day, I said that Cheon Il Guk should not just be a word. The significance of my proclaiming that I am the only begotten daughter, the True Mother, is to show to humanity that True Parents have realized, substantially and physically, Heaven’s providence on earth. Did you accept that? [Yes] I think that answer was easy to give, but when I think about the incorrect education and that a three-year old habits remain as logn as eighty years, I do not think correcting people is easy. Isn’t that true? But now are you convinced? [Yes! Applause]

After True Father’s seonghwa, as I promised Heaven, I will achieve national restoration with you before 2020! Leaders of FFWPU-Korea, are you confident? [Yes] Regional presidents, are you confident? [Yes] I said that we need to restore at least seven countries. “National restoration” is not just words; you should do it practically in order for Heavenly Parent to remember you. The people responsible in each region for doing this work must work with the International Headquarters. Especially important is showing that Vision 2020 centers on Korea. However, during this assembly, when I heard the reports from each region, I discovered that Asia was planning to hold a summit next January. A decision on that matter should be made in consultation with the International Headquarters.

Each region has to make Vision 2020 a success by making sure you center it on True Parents. Do you understand? There is an order. In order to keep that order, you make decisions with the headquarters. Do you understand? A year remains. Heavenly Parent has been waiting for you for six thousand years but still you are standing here with True Parents. You have not been able to bear fruit but now you will start. Going through step one, step one and step three, how much do we need to do when we think about how the world may be in twenty years? Can you do it? [Yes!]

So I hope that you will be able to get substantial help from the spiritual world. When I went to Africa, righteous people helped me. Heaven has prepared many righteous people for us. Shouldn’t you inform them? You have to show me that you will do it. You have to help them to bear fruit since they have been offering devotions to Heaven for so long. Will you do that? [Yes]

First, I said that a I would announce a restructuring during Foundation Day. But today, I will change the name of the training center. The Heaven and Earth HJ Cheonbo Training Center! [Applause] The hospital will be renamed HJ Magnolia International Hospital [Applause]. Cheongpyeong is not an appropriate name, because the significance of this training center is that it raises people of many ethnicities who can qualify for registration in Cheonbowon and be people whom Heaven will remember. Do you understand? [Yes! Applause]

From now on, director of the training center, when you make official notifications, change the name of the training center. Do you understand? [Yes] Now, we have to speak with one voice within our organization. So I do not want you to waste your time saying unnecessary things. Do you understand? In particular, I would like the regional presidents and all other leaders to leave the center, and work while thinking of the whole. It is an instruction from True Mother. Do you understand? Will you do that?

Only one year remains until 2020, but I saw you in a position that was not right. Isn’t that so? If so, how much more effort should we offer? I truly wish you all to be the ones who will bring great victories and glory to our Heavenly Parent in 2020 with all your heart and soul. [Sustained applause]

For that reason, I want to give you some fuel…. With this, please work ten or a hundred times more diligently.

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