Switzerland: Peace Designer Education


By Mélanie Komagata, YSP Switzerland

YSP Switzerland had the honor to hold its first Peace Designer Education on March 16th 2019 in Biel/Bienne. The participants arrived the evening before for a bounding time through bowling and boardgames. We started the next morning at 9am with an introduction of YSP for the new participants and an explanation of the organization’s core universal values and mission. It was then followed with the Peace Designer activity guided by Anya Mauron and Mélanie Komagata. We were eight young participants, members of the Unification Movement as well as Christian faith-based youth, coming from various regions of Switzerland to attend the workshop.

Through the presentations, each participant could reflect on oneself, share about the problems we face in society, and find in groups solutions to those issues. After sharing lunch together, we used our creativity and inspiration to set up our peace projects. Two projects resulted of our brainstorming: The first one, in the environmental field (UN SDG 11 -Sustainable cities ; 13 – Climate action), called “Pick up the trash” was planned with the purpose to motivate our entourage to care for and respect the environment by inheriting a habit of picking up the trash, and even better, keep our cities sustainably clean. Trashes will be regularly collected in cities, at lakes and rivers, and in parks. The team will cooperate with an another youth movement already working on a similar project in Geneva.

The second project, “We care! Your Life Values” was set up to prevent people from taking their own life. The core origins of the problem being ignorance of one’s identity and purpose in life, as well as lack of love, support, and spiritual life, we decided to make people aware in our everyday life of the value of life. Therefore, to support the UN SDG 3 (Health and well-being) and 4 (Education quality), we made a list of “Big Questions” that can make people reflect on deep matters of life, search for answers, and will make us aware of the preciousness of each life around us. For now, it is planned to do questionnaires on the street, as well as create pins and pens with deep questions printed on it.

We are truly grateful for this first PDE and are determined to continue doing impactful projects for our society!

Our next activity will take place on April 6th 2019 for a Sports Event to celebrate the UN International Day of Sports. An intergenerational and intercultural Football and “Matanage” tournaments will take place on that day to unite our society through sports. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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