Spain: Divine Principle Workshop

By Mario Magaz, FFWPU Spain

We held a two day Divine Principle workshop on March 16 to 17, 2019. One sister Dolores from the province of Murcia in the east cost of Spain has been witnessing for a while and as a fruit of it she could bring 5 guests to a 2 day DP workshop ant our training center, “El manantial del corazón”.

Two woman who are her friends and the son of one of them and 2 brothers who are godsons of the same woman.

Both women are very faithful people who suffered a lot in life but never lost faith in God. So they were very hungry for the truth and responded very well to the DP explanations.

The boys were also very friendly. The two brothers are very young, 17 and 15 years old. We had two second generations helping in the workshop and could engage quickly with them. One of the guests participated in all the lectures, despite of the fact that the

other two didn’t always attend. Actually, when we explained about the spiritual world, he told us that he had dreamt about an unknown place in nature that he recognized as our training center as soon as he arrived there. We also took time to visit the Monastery of El escorial with is nearby. We all enjoyed the visit.

On Sunday, before the last lunch, we took Holy Wine and prayed for the blessing of their families and world peace.

Dolores and her two friends are very inspired and want to start a Divine Principle study group in Murcia, their hometown.

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