Russia: General Meeting for all Blessed Families

Prepared by FFWPU Russia

During holidays of March 8 to10, 2019, an All-Russian Unification Family members’ meeting took place in Moscow. More than 120 brothers and sisters from all over Russia, from St. Petersburg to Khabarovsk, gathered in Moscow to fill their souls and hearts with God’s spirit, strengthen their vision, recharge themselves with energy and achieve results in their missions throughout 2019, especially in the mission of Heavenly Tribal Messiahship, which will be the best offering for the centenary of True Father and the 77th birthday of True Mother, and also on the Foundation Day 2020.

During the meeting, it was possible not only to hear deep, life-affirming instructions, but also to express one’s thoughts in group discussions.

On the first day, the President of the Eastern Europe region, Jack Corley, once again revealed to all participants the essence of the Vision 2020. Through his testimony we were able to understand the heart of True Mother more deeply.

Deputy Regional President, Alexey Saveliev spoke about the importance of a strategy for a national restoration and the need to work together for its implementation. The head of the Russian Unification Movement, Yury Gavrilin, spoke about the vision of development of the providence in Russia.

On the second day, the Head of the Education Department, Igor Rumyantsev, helped all participants to analyze themselves and their families based on the main points of life of faith, and the Vice President of UPF Eurasia, Konstantin Krylov, with his distinctive humor inspired everyone that nothing is impossible with God.

On the third day, the Director of the Second Generation Department, Elena Kalmatskaya, touched on the theme of unity between parents and children in the Blessed Family, and Oksana Shusherova told about the providence of ancestors’ liberation and Blessing and answered the questions of brothers and sisters.

It is necessary to mention about jeongseong offering, which all participants did for each other. It helped everybody to open heart more to God and to each other.

Throughout three days, brothers and sisters held many group talks. Mission of the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship was discussed especially deeply. Many noted an importance of such discussions, the opportunity to share their ideas and vision.

On the last day of the meeting during the Sunday service, the Regional President handed diplomas to the families who took the first steps in fulfilling the mission of the the Heavenly Tribal Messiahship and Blessed 3, 7, 12 couples. It is very important for brothers and sisters to receive recognition even of small results, especially when they are just starting their journey of Tribal Messiahs.

At the end of the meeting, a banquet was held with delicious treats, live performances and warm communication. In general, all three days went very well, the meeting helped the brothers and sisters to be filled with spirit and strength, and to tune in to work in 2019.

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