Russia: Family Festival in Ufa


Prepared by FFWPU Russia

In Ufa, the capital of the Russian republic of Bashkortostan, our members held a Family Festival on February 17.

During the festival there was an exhibition of the artworks of one guest, and another guest held a master class titled “Relationships between Women and Men: Five Languages of Love.”

Every effort was made for the guests to have a good experience. We are grateful to our friendly Bashkir family, who worked very hard. Four couples participated. They liked it very much, and they will invite their acquaintances and friends to future festivals.

Guests left their feedback on social networks, some with the hashtag # day happy families. Several also sent their written reflections to the organizers and to those who had invited them:

“In our world, people really are missing true love, and this results in dire consequences. I am glad that there are such psychologists who keep up with religions; for me they are true psychologists, who have a minimum of egoism. … I really liked the performance of the mother of five children. … Everything she said I listened to with my mouth open!”

“My impressions are the warmest. It was joyful to be in a circle of people who value traditional families, the purity and depth of relationships. You enveloped us with your soulfulness and care. My husband was impressed and surprised that this format exists at all and someone does it. We both liked it a lot. I also think about how you can look so beautiful when you have given birth to five children.”

Our brothers and sisters had spiritual experiences both before the festival and after it:

“Before the festival I helped a neighbor pull out his car. He gave me money, which I tried to refuse, but he gave it to me anyway. In the evening, the sisters wrote to me that they needed to buy flowers. This is how God sponsored the purchase of flowers.”

“God seemed to remind us through one situation that it is also necessary to donate to the festival. We rented two halls—one for children and the other for the festival itself. The next day, the hall administrator called and reported that two large mirrors were cracked in the hall where the children had been. Of course, we were upset, because we had to pay about 10 thousand rubles. However, no one blamed anyone. On the contrary, we came to the conclusion that this is exactly the donation that we should have made for the festival. Then the administrator called to tell us that another group who had used the same hall confessed that they had broken the mirrors. But we understood that in this way God was reminding us of the need to make donations for the festival.”


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