Romania: Youth and CARP Members Meeting


Prepared by CARP Romania

The weekly Hoon Dok Hae meeting of CARP-Romania on Friday, February 22, had the theme “The Power of Saying Sorry.”

Fourteen guests came to the open discussion in the Peace Center in Bucharest, together with the visiting STF team and Romanian brothers and sisters. It was a very good opportunity to spend time together and learn how to offer an apology with a completely sincere attitude.

At the beginning of the meeting we read together a text on the theme of “The Power of Saying Sorry.” The text was meant to guide young people to practice empathy, while acknowledging one’s own mistakes.

Next we split into groups of five or six people to discuss the text and to relate our personal experiences of offering and accepting an apology. After about 30 minutes, one speaker from each team reported to the entire assembly about the team’s discussion. The young representatives of each team did a very good job in summarizing the discussions.

The youthful enthusiasm of the students made for a very good discussion. The guests had a good time speaking honestly to each other and felt inspired to come to the next Friday HDH meeting, as well as during the week.

It was a great time in which all the participants learned how to sincerely apologize for mistakes. With the support of our True Parents we hope to continue like this in the next weeks as well.

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