Romania: CARP Discusses Siblings and Friends

Prepared by CARP Romania

On March 1, 2019, we organized Open Event at Romania CARP center. This time the topic was ‘Sibling’s Love and Friendship’. This is the 3rd series of program about ‘True Family Value’. We are organizing this program once in 2 weeks in order to share the True Family Value. Because a lot of young people are confused about value of Family, Relationships and Love which are most important for our lives.

This time we talked about Sibling’s love and what we can learn from our brothers and sisters. But at same time even some of us doesn’t have brothers or sisters, we can experience same types of love through friendship. So we discuss importance of friendship too.

First, we played one game to understand what friendship is. Each participant received once paper, once side is colored one side is white. And on the white side we wrote ‘What is the external ability for friendship –for example; I can cook good food, or I can listen well…’ and on the color side we wrote ‘What is the internal ability for friendship –for example; I’m very honest, or I know how to respect differences…’ And after wards we went around room and talk to 6 people to be friend. But first we try to show only white side of paper which written our external ability. And if other person doesn’t satisfy about this then we show color side which is written internal ability. We all had exciting time to talk to new people and to see their friendship abilities. But at same time we realized that at the first meeting we cannot see person’s internal part. And we need the time and effort to understand and create deeper relationship- friendship with people.

After the game we made a small team and read True Father’s Ward about ‘Sibling’s Love’ and discussed centered on questions. We all could open up our heart to share about our relationships and friendship. We could feel such a deep connection after the meeting. And we could feel we found brothers and sisters in here at the CARP.

We will continue our educational program to inspire Romanian young people so we can be the hope for Heavenly Parent and True Parents.


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