Reflections from WFWP participants at the World Summit in Seoul, Korea


Prepared by WFWP USA

A delegation of nine ladies and gentlemen were invited to represent WFWP USA at the World Summit 2019, hosted by the NGO Universal Peace Federation International in Seoul, Korea on February 7-11, 2019, and dedicated to the theme of “Peace, Security and Human Development.” This summit also included the Sunhak Peace Prize (read more here). More than 1200 distinguished participants, representing more than 103 nations, current and former heads of state and government, government ministers, parliamentarians, NGO leaders and academics, were in attendance, providing a rich and stimulating environment. Four of our WFWP dignitaries have shared their personal reflections of the experience with us.


Astrid Fidelia, founder and CEO of Stand Up to Poverty, Inc.

I am honored that God blessed me to be in Seoul, Korea in the company of powerful spiritual leaders. Watching Mother Moon at the Sunhak Peace Prize Ceremony was very inspirational. As she sat there poised, confident and proud in a room full of prominent global leaders, I felt confident that I can take her baton and run towards the finish line. Her love, loyalty and devotion to God encourages me to stand tall and let God use me as she is using Mother Moon on a grand scale. Seeing her accomplishments and all the people she blessed empowers me to use all my God-given talents and gifts to serve. By the grace of God, I am ready to move mountains.

WFWP North America delegation in Seoul: From left to right Laura Hornbeck, Texas, Dr.Susan Taffer, Arizona, President Selle, Grace Valera, Virginia, Dr. Ester Davis, Texas. Back row left to right: Astrid Fidelia, New York, Arooj Arooj, Toronto, Lilly Tadin, President WFWP CanadaWFWP North America delegation in Seoul: From left to right Laura Hornbeck, Texas, Dr.Susan Taffer, Arizona, President Selle, Grace Valera, Virginia, Dr. Ester Davis, Texas. Back row left to right: Astrid Fidelia, New York, Arooj Arooj, Toronto, Lilly Tadin, President WFWP Canada


Poetic Reflections by Dr. Elaine Duval, founder of Daughters of Zion Restorational Ministry

I am well pleased with what Father and Mother Moon did.

Peace on earth, that mandate they are carrying out!

The spirit of the Lord was all over everything I experienced.

It put my own role into perspective. I am part of a bigger mission.

All these years I felt out in left field;

Came away with a feeling of partnership.

Mother Moon is collaborating with people from all parts and every field of the world.

Which organization can bring together this diversity of people in unity and harmony?

Have not seen this in my life.

Thinking of racial reconciliation… clarifying the book I am writing.

Achieving peace through racial reconciliation;

Came home with clarity.

I cried and was blown away by Father and Mother Moon’s birthday celebration;

Tears of profound appreciation.

I grew up with the arts and have expressions for all forms of art, poetry, etc.

I am a student of language;

Studied Spanish to an advanced level.

Headed a theater department;

Have the eyes of a producer… therefore I saw Don Quixote de la Mancha executed at an advanced level.

Phenomenal content. Hollywood could not beat them in production.


Laura Hornbeck, WFWP sub-regional chairwoman

My reflections are simple: It is abundantly clear that no power on earth — only the power of God — could have:

1) brought together all the diverse leaders in Seoul for the purpose of discussing peace under the banner of “One Family Under God,” and

2) blessed the work of Father and Mother Moon in such a marvelous way. To think that they started from such humble, lowly circumstances and have become the world leaders they are today is quite simply staggering. I hope and trust that many, if not all, of the parliamentarians and leaders who attended the summit saw the power of God at work.

One more point: At dinner one night, Ester Davis and I met an older couple from New Jersey, Dr. and Mrs. Velez (originally from Philippines). They were talking about how they first met the peace movement of Father and Mother Moon back in the 1980s (I think) after being invited to some event or another. At first they were afraid to attend, having heard many negative comments about the movement. But then the Velez couple got to know several couples within the movement living in their area. They became convinced of the goodness of the movement by the goodness of these couples. “Actions speak louder than words,” and over time, they saw the way the children of these families shone and achieved so much.

I think that basic message was the message of the entire summit: Actions speak louder than words. The Sunhak Peace Prize is one very important action that shows the sincerity of Mother Moon and her dedication to creating a world of peace. The incredible work and harmony of the staff of Universal Peace Federation and everyone made a deep impression on me, and I feel sure the same is true for others.


Susan Taffer, Ed.D, Founder and CEO of World Connections Foundation

Thank you, [WFWP USA President] Angelika Selle, for making this opportunity available to me to attend the World Peace Summit in Seoul. Your leadership is exemplary and I am honored to work with you and support your efforts with the Global Women’s Peace Network for expanding our efforts nationally and particularly on the west coast. It is because of your dedication and excellence to service that strong women leaders are drawn to our initiatives. I am glad to be among the many who seek profound changes in the roles of women in leadership and I thoroughly enjoyed the camaraderie of the other women from across the United States. I look forward to the time when women leaders can engage in the larger discussions in more meaningful and influential ways!

Dear Mother Moon, I am grateful for having witnessed such an historic event all made possible through your purity of heart! Bringing together the most influential political leaders of our time in Korea to discuss the options for unification and denuclearization is a remarkable demonstration of the Divine Source surrounding our shared vision for world peace. Every experience I have of your presence is more profoundly rare and beautiful than the one before and I am in awe of your spiritual essence and how you bring yourself to the world through your work of service and sacrifice. You are an excellent role model of a woman in a global leadership position and a true humanitarian. As an icon to young women, not only in Korea, but around the world you bring hope and light to their future!

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