Nepal: 40 Day Condition – Two-day Divine Principle Seminar


Prepared by FFWPU Nepal

A 2-day simultaneous Divine Principle seminar was conducted nationwide thru the satellite office of the FFWPU-Nepal from eastern to western part of Nepal. The seminar was aiming to educate the college and university student. This activity is to answer True Mother’s call to educate the future generation of today. As True Mother stressed the value and important of the character education to the millennials.

Special CIG Envoy to Nepal hon. Ek Nath Dhakal and FFWPU-Nepal president Santosh kumar Paudel set the special condition to respond the call of True Mother. In this condition, the top leader and prominent school leader are the top priority to invite in the said program. This was conducted to more than 20 chapters of FFWPU office.

Most of the attendees are the youth ambassador for peace, witnessed thru social activities such as CARP, YSP-YFWP and Tong Il Moo-Do program. Interested participants are send to the higher level of educational program of Youth Leadership Training-International, 21 Day Life style Training and Youth Conferences-International.

Through this program, reshaping the millennial to the bright direction could help the Building prosperous and peaceful nation.

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