Malaysia: The First Level 3 Blessing Workshop in Asia


Prepared by FFWPU Malaysia

Blessed Family Department organized a Level 3 Blessing Workshop for 1st gen couples and 2nd matched and blessed couples, the very first of its kind in Asia on February 22 – 24, 2019 Malaysia. There were 45 participants altogether (18 couples and 9 individuals) who attended with their spouse who came from abroad. Participants were mainly from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines.

The objective of the workshop is to prepare the Matched and Blessed Couples both internally and externally before and after starting Blessed Families life.

The contents are very relevant and practical in providing a greater insight into the sanctity of Marriage Blessing and how to protect and maintain a healthy Blessed Couples Life. This means enhancing their couple relationship and deepening their understanding towards each other.

Lectures that were given in the workshop includes “The Heart of Marriage,” “Creating a Purposeful Partnership,” “Building Trust & Intimacy from Inside – Out,” “10 Heavenly Ways to become an A+ Couple,” “The Mission of Blessed Couples & Blessed Families,” “Conflicts & Struggles-The Way Out,” and “Marriage Blessing – The Pathway for Eternal Happiness.” Sessions also included Blessed Couples Testimony, Panel Sharing and Special Consultation in the evening.

The couples reflected that there are so many things that they learnt in one workshop especially as this was their first time experiencing this workshop. They have commented that what they learnt are practical and they received concrete tips for future family life. The lectures equipped them with all the weapons needed to start family and sharing information on what to expect later in the married life.

Couples that are progressing well in their relationship are now more confident and more prepared to face anything together in the future and reflected that they learnt how to invite God into their relationship and establish God-centered ideal families. They also shared that they gained many positive powers and energy from the workshop.

Some key points reflections from the participants:

  • They learn how to handle their relationship with their spouse (important tips of effective communication)
  • Practical ways of establishing a good relationship and healthy way to resolve conflicts
  • Understanding the Love languages of their spouse
  • Always remember that Blessing is a gift from God and a successful marriage is our gift to God
  • Understanding True Parents tradition and lifestyle of Blessed Couples
  • How to set up a High Noon lifestyle with spouse where no secret lies between each other (From “Me” to “We”)
  • Understanding the 10 Heavenly Ways to be an A+ couple
  • Understanding that Marriage without God is in darkness
  • Husband and Wife are teammates in life and help and support each other. Live for the sake of others.
  • Problems can be overcome as long as couples unite together centering on HP & TP’s education and tradition
  • Preparation is important. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.
  • Practical guidance on how to balance our mission and spouse.
  • How to accomplish our mission as Blessed Couples after the Blessing as we are the Image of God
  • Understanding the purpose of the Marriage Blessing and the 16 Essences of Marriage to make it successful and strong
  • Understanding six aspects of intimacy between couples
  • Understanding the four Life Cycles of Marriage Partnership
  • The importance to create a harmonious family as a school of love where children can learn and experience love from the family through the teachings and tradition of HP & TP’s.
  • What are the poisonous words we should never use during conflicts and how to communicate with our spouse in a respectful way
  • Never take our spouse for granted and never be lazy in investing in the relationship
  • Understanding HP and TP’s hope and wish to us as Heavenly Blessed Couples and how we can fulfill the mission entrusted to us.

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