Italy: Leaders’ Meeting


Prepared by FFWPU Italy

On March 2nd and 3rd we held a leaders’ meeting in Roma Colle Mattia, with the participation of 30 leaders, among them 11 2nd generation representing YSP, CARP, various department and vice pastors. The main part was about conveying True Mother’s direction for the fulfillment of vision 2020, but we went through the Europe branch of Cheong Pyong providence coming soon to Italy, the Tribal messiahs’ providence, the development of our youth movement and leadership.

By sharing the communities’ situation, the Tribal messiah providence and the development of UPF, WFWP and YSP, we evaluated the chances and possible paths to the restoration of the country by 2020. While being well aware of the complexity of the task and the lack of physical resources, we could still find hope and determination enough to challenge this ambitious task. Our main strength was True Mother Heart and guidance given especially in the last period in Korea. We all felt her absolute confidence in the infinite possibilities of this providential time and the need of absolute unity with her heart and among ourselves.

Especially remarkable was the response of our youth. It’s not surprising actually since their faith and commitment was already demonstrated in this last few years. Especially two of them, Valerio Tammiso and Davide Chirulli, that just came back from STF, took the responsibility to travel all over the country to revive all 2nd generation and youth. They had an amazing experience in STF, through all activities and the life training they went through. They had the chance to even experience two times, in Senegal and Wien, being close to True Mother as body guards. Now they are determined to share all the fortune they received with all young brothers and sisters in Italy and are creating a real revival in the communities they are visiting.

This time we all, young and less young, had to really stretch our mind and spirit much over past limitations. While making substantial plans and discussing on activities and organization, gradually we came to envision a concrete path to the CIG building in Italy. We planned a National Blessing by September, a Mediterranean Summit by November (it will be detailed soon) and a campaign

for the Tribal messiahs’ victory throughout the year. Of course, with a road map to reach those goals, made by other events and preparatory activities, including an improvement in our communication effort, including our magazine “Voices of Peace” that we are printing since more than 10 years. We planned to support the Summit in Albania as well, focusing on the coming of True Mother and the European strategic country victory, so close to us. We discussed also about supporting Africa through the Tribal messiah contribution to bless new couples in different countries there. Thanks to True Mother’s spirit, that was felt constantly throghout the meeting, we could make our enthusiasm and passionate commitment growing more and more. Our real challenge, in some way just started and the next step will be conveying the same spirit to all communities and right after to the mainstream part of the country.

I cannot help but being moved by the attitude of my brothers and sisters that took responsibility, among so many difficulties, while having to work to support their lives, to continue to believe and invest for the sake of the Providence. This is finally the culture and heart that we are inheriting from True Parents and that will bring humankind to the final liberation and the Heavenly Parent to the final victory.

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