Italy: A Sweet Challenge for the Youth


by Elena Chirulli, CARP Italy

On March 17, 2019, we organized a a sweet gathering of culinary challenge, a mix of culture, art and especially culinary arts to energize our youth. When ability and creative flair become the protagonists, the palate captures by aromas and perfumes, which are very difficult to resist to.

This was what happened on this wonderful day, which saw 30 participation, 12 of whom were guests. A Sunday rich in emotions, sweets and delicacies. The program began with an introduction on the values of CARP and Hyo Jeong Arts & Culture, given by Davide Chirulli. Connecting with the subject of cooking, we kicked off to the long awaited cake competition. “The Sweet Challenge” consisted in a contest accompanied by a movie entertainment, and a buffet.

A number of 8 competitors, each one presenting, to the audience and to the panel of judges, a super tasty pastry that they themselves prepared. It was a steep endeavor to decide the winners. The judges, Alessandro Iavicoli, Valerio Tammiso, Davide Chirulli e Himani Zampella, savored and listened carefully to the list of the ingredients, expressing their impressions.

The MC was Elena Chirulli who, after the award ceremony, gave the microphone to Valerio to introduce the movie “Love, cooking and curry”. Actually, the story was beyond the art of cooking, it was about how to develop friendship, interculturalism, and further it was about family and harmony in interpersonal relationships.

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