Germany: Ambassadors for Peace New Year gathering


Prepared by UPF Germany

Thursday February 14th, 2019 we held a New Year gathering in the UPF Peace Center in Copenhagen which was attended by 35 Ambassadors for Peace and friends of UPF.

After the opening remarks a Christian minister, Bente Pihl, read a prayer of Saint Francis.

Speaker, author and female opinion maker Birgitte Baadegaard talked about the topic “Empathy and compassion – the premise for peace, inside and around us”. She said: “The inner consciousness of compassion in me is so crucial to whether I can live it further in the outer world.

To activate empathy, we must remember to activate two other feelings, namely: gratitude and reverence …. in continuation of the reverence and the spiritual requirement of this word lies a mindset inspired by an Indian philosophy of life:

  1. Is it good for me?
  2. Is it good for my loved ones?
  3. Is it good for the next seven generations”

These thoughts forces us to maintain a balance in ourselves – to look both inward and outward.” She emphasized, “that we are all connected with each other and with the environment and that we must avoid to lose contact with ourselves and the world around us.”

Elizabeth Bramsen sang beautifully “Imagine” and afterwards Karsten Nielsen introduced the mission and visions of UPF, what is universal peace and universal values.

“Peace is not only something we should desire or dream about, it is a condition we must realize. It does not descend from heaven, it is something we must work for. Peace must necessarily apply to all people, we must leave NOONE behind”.

A PowerPoint presentation gave an overview of UPF’s activities international and in Denmark during the past year. A short film was shown from the celebration of the UN Day of Peace in the Danish parliament in September: FNs Internationale Fredsdag 2018

Thorkil Chistensen introduced UPF’s Ambassador for Peace program and the peace principles and NL Nobuhiro Igarashi presented the certificates to nine new Ambassadors for Peace.

As a greeting to the new AfPs MP Ulla Sandbaek told a small fable about human nature. At the end everybody sang together “Amazing Grace”

After the program a delicious dinner prepared by our elder sisters was served. There was a very happy atmosphere, lively sharing and networking. The new AfPs expressed gratitude and said their appointment was a great honor.

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