France: Ahmadiyya’s Annual Interreligious Conference


By Jean-Paul Jager, FFWPU France

On March 17, 2019, the Ahmadiyyas of Valenciennes invited us to participate in their annual Interreligious Conference, on this year’s theme: “The Sacredness of Life”. Jean-Henri for the Unificationists, a Buddhist, Mr. Lavoisy for the Protestants and Mrs. Martine Rhein of Scientology, who had come from Paris with a friend, and of course the person in charge Ahmadiyya for France, had answered present. Jean-Henri made a very spirited, comprehensive and open presentation.

After that, we had a long exchange with the various speakers and some young Ahmadiyya members of Pakistani and Algerian origin, very warm. The atmosphere was very friendly. Here are some pictures of this event. In the morning, we were able to appreciate Dr Balcomb’s participation in a major international congress organized in London in their very large centre under the presidency of the 5th Caliph, successor of their founder, a reformer of Islam. We hope to establish a partnership with them.

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